Flight schedule change - DME Question

Respond a whole bunch in rapid fashion to the same thread and you get told to let other people talk.

It’s offensive.



My DME issues are multiplying so I’m definitely going to need to call them. :joy:

Apparently they sent DM an email that her flight had changed. It only changed by 4 min so she didn’t bother to forward to me. What she didn’t catch (and I wouldn’t have either!) was the flight number changed from 2202 to 2022!

I wouldn’t worry too much about that.

You still don’t need to call them.

You can still go in - again, if you’ve already done it - and update your flight numbers

Just fill the form out again.

You almost never have to call DME for anything except if it’s a day-of situation

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PM me if you want more direct hand-over-hand assistance. Happy to help

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My concern is that the new DME will be with DMs name, so they’ll add it, but still also have the incorrect one with DD20s name and the wrong flight (which is a ATL/MIA flight).

I’m not seeing a way to request to delete the bad info?

I just don’t want to be in a situation where they call me a day or two before to try to straighten it out, when I really won’t have time to deal with telephone tag with trying to pack and depart.

It goes by the reservation number and will update the information within the request for that reservation number, overwriting old entries

Nobody is going to call you. No worries

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But DD20 isn’t even on the reservation where they put “her” flight info. :joy:. She’s on the other room reservation.

PM sent

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