Flight prices in September - from the UK

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We are thinking of organising a Disney World trip for September 2016, arriving after Labor Day and staying for two weeks. Does anyone know what the flight prices are like for September from the UK, flying to either Tampa or Orlando please?



Maybe @missoverexcited or @Steve1 or @Button are able to help, I think they’re all from the UK!

Oh and @Ellen1976 is from the UK too!

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My last trip was July 12, we paid £850 Manchester to Sanford with Monarch - they were £750pp when they first came out but we didn’t book… We’ve booked a package this time so I’m not sure how much the flights were.

I’ve never been in September but we have family in Clearwater - my aunt visited last Oct or Nov and flights were around £500 Manchester to Tampa, I don’t know what airline she used.

Tampa will definitely be cheaper but then you’ve got to hire a car (we do anyway) and it’s a long drive.

Sorry I couldn’t help more.

Hi Claire. What airport are you travelling from? This can have quite an impact on flight prices and I know Glasgow always seems to be one of the cheapest. We flew in to Atlanta this time from Manchester, then on to Orlando (we’re here now and flew on Tuesday. September will obviously be cheaper). Doing it this way saved over £700 for the 4 of us. We paid around £3200 for 3 adults, 1 child. Hope that helps.

It really varies . Book as soon as they are released. To give you an idea We are flying Easter Sat from Glasgow.Quotes were
Virgin direct 1250 gbp each direct. BA from 800 with 2 stops to over 1000 with 1stop Thompson from Manchester were about 800 virgin from Manchester were 900. We went with Aer Lingus with 1 stop in Dublin for 550. (booked at 6.30 am when my return flight was released)
Sept will be a bit cheaper 600 each return is a good price I wouldn’t pay more than 800 The more connections the cheaper it is. Manchester seems to have cheapest flights over London airports.
Sometimes a package deal can be cheaper off season than seperate flights and hotel depending on how many are in your group.
Flights are released 10-11 months out depending on carrier. Aer lingus were last and it was a gamble waiting while watching other flights go up in price or sell out. But that wont be a problem in sept.

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I always fly from Manchester to Orlando with Virgin, because I like their service and I like to fly direct. I always go in the low season outside of the Summer or Easter holidays, usually Jan/Feb. I generally budget about £500 - £600 per person for a return flight. I would hope that September prices would be fairly similar as it’s also outside Summer hols, but don’t have any recent experience going at that time. Agree with @mumcalsop - book flights as soon as you can at about 11 months out.

My lowest price for flights from US to UK was in January. It seems to be the low season to go so I suspect the reverse would apply. It was about half of an August fare.