Flight Options WWYD

I’m torn on my options wwyd. First backstory my kids (4 and 6) and I are traveling down a day before my husband who is driving. I have two flight options and can’t decide. Cost is equivalent, my kids go to bed typically by 9PM eastern. I’m planning to gate check my double bob.

Option A-3.25 hour drive to airport, airport shuttle, security, direct flight to MCO 6:20-9:15pm so travel time is 1:20-9:15 plus magical express. Magical express should handle our bag at this time.

Option B-20 min drive to airport, small parking lot and walk to airport, security 5:12-6:02 flight, layover, flight to MCO 8:35-11:55. We have to pick up bags and take to magical express. Travel time is 3:45-11:55 plus magical express

Direct flight always


Yea I’d go A. Could weather effect your travel plans? That would be my only concern. But I’d rather drive myself then Take time up for a layover.


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Is that second one PM?

I would honestly see about a third flight option. The first one is a direct flight but with all the driving, and then DME, you’re looking at between a 9-10 hour ordeal, and the kids needing to be seated and buckled in for most of that time. That sounds horrible to me from their perspective.

On the other hand, boarding, deplaning, and reboarding (and deplaning) sounds no more appealing, though the overall shorter time is. However the dealbreaker here is that you arrive at 1155 - assume pm – which doesn’t get you to resort til after 1am. No dice there.

If these are the only two options I would drive with the hubs.


Yes, PM the options are horrible right?

That was actually the plan but his company scheduled him to be 5 hours towards Disney that week so coming home to get us doesn’t make sense. It’s about a 15 hour drive so the kids and I are getting the better end of the deal but it’s still a long day.

I doubt it, it’s sept from Nashville or St. Louis to MCO

I’m in Memphis, so get your problem. It really comes down to do you want to drive 3+ hours to the airport. Plus, now you’ve spent more on gas & mileage to you car. I wish I could tell you there’s an easy answer, but only you know how well your kids travel. Can they nap in the car that morning? Will you be able to handle the logistics of a layover with two kids by yourself?

Personally, I’d really rather not drive 3+ hours just to get to the airport. I know it’s a later depart / arrival with a layover, but that’s got to be better than being stuck in a car all morning.

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Could you make the drive the day/night before? Maybe there’s something fun to do in that city?

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All of this. And, yes, DME will handle your luggage but arriving that late it could be dropped off in the middle of the night (waking sleeping children).

If you go that route I’d consider arranging a car service with a car seat and a booster (or whatever your children use). And collecting the luggage yourself (maybe they can collect it for you). We’re using Transportation by Mike this December as I just don’t want to wait for DME.

Could you and the kids fly to join him where he’s at, and then all drive down together?

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That’s a thought - and he could have driven with most of the luggage to save you that trouble

i would probably do Option B if you change planes at the layover… they would be able to stretch legs and walk and bathroom and grab a snack and then hopefully sleep on the late flight… plus it isn’t such a long car ride to begin the trip, so maybe you can keep them active during the day hours on the day of the flight… can you only bring a carryon for one night/day clothes and essentials/entertainment, and put big checked bag in car with DH to haul down with him??? therefore no luggage to collect??


He is taking our luggage. I never considered flying to him but I’ll look into that! I’d have to drive 2-3 hours though to fly to him and then drive 10 hours so I don’t know about it either.

Yes, this is the way I was leaning as well. Our local airport is tiny so while its still a flight its not likely it’ll be late or get canceled so I view both options as direct flights.

I see the advantages to just driving to nashville as well but its just a coin toss lol.

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We are leaving on a school day so I was trying not to pull my son any earlier than need be.


Option 1!

I’d go with the direct flight and possibly do the driving the day before.

I would lean toward option 1, but will you have to do the entire thing again going home? That’s something to consider, because I would hate to drive 3+ hours after having to leave WDW and fly somewhere.