Flight of Passage

Hi, I heard from a friend that FoP is amazing. I don’t think I can go on it since I have extreme motion sickness and don’t do well on jerky rides. Would love for my son to experience it but he is only 7. Can I accompany him in line until he is settled on the ride and step out to wait for him at the exit? Not sure if they would allow this. Thoughts?

Sure, but if he is using a FP you’ll need one too to enter the line even if you have no intention of riding.

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Can a 7 year old ride without someone over 13 (is that the age) with them?

Yes. 6 and under need someone 14 or over with them.

Does the person ride with the little on or just by them?

This ride looks great and I have a 5 & 7 yr old that wants to ride it…just not sure the 5 yr old will get on a single ride simulator by himself…

Each person sits on their own “bike” but you are right next to each other. Can even reach out to touch each other. The only way you will have a barrier between you is if you are seats 8 and 9.

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Thanks for the info!

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Thank you all. One more question…watching online, it looks like there is a long walk up to the ride with beautiful surrounding and landscape. At which point is FP required and you can no longer proceed without one? I don’t want to pull a FP for my mom and take it away from someone else able to use it. However, would be great if she could enjoy the walk and cool things around the land.

The FP entry is right at the start of the line. However the outdoor scenery of the cue is not unique compared to what she will see just walking around pandora. The only thing she will miss out on is the indoor banshee lab area which you miss from the FP line anyway (not worth waiting in long SB just to see it).

For future reference, they have a little place you can sit and wait just outside of the main bike room. I know bc my DD6 had a meltdown as the support came up to her back and she and we had to sit it out while DS8 rode. (And then I was upset–but polite–bc I had wanted to ride and the Cast Member gave me an anytime-later-in-day FP.)

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