Flight of Passage twice in a row?

I will be at AK on Nov. 17th, a Monday. It is an early entry day. If I ride Flight of Passage first thing what are the odds of riding a second time with a 30 minute or less wait? Single rider line is fine.

I think that queue is still growing pretty fast. I think it will be well over 30 by the time you exit even on and EMH


I hate to be a “dream killer”, but not likely. The overwhelming majority of people who go to EMH at AK head straight to FoP. The line will probably be 60+ minutes within the first 30 minutes of EMH. It only grows from there. I pulled up TP’s wait time predictions for that day as well…


It doesn’t have a single rider line.

We rode at EMH in August - we were in the first 100 or so to ride and we were off before 8am which was the official start of EMH. When we got off the posted wait was 120 and the line went back to the Tree of Life.


In Feb of 2018, we did rope drop of FOP and got on with no wait. There was a big line when we were done, but we were able to ride Navi River with no wait as a second ride

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I wouldn’t rule it out. I’m looking at FOP on the Lines app right now. It was 7:55 and the posted wait time was only 20 minutes.

Thanks, y’all! I couldn’t get a FP this morning. I was even able to log on a couple of minutes early. I’m hoping all the FP people will avoid the morning rush. I’ll also check the FP drops once we’re in the park. I guess we can always check the lines when we get off.

Nov 17 is a Sunday.

We will be there on a Monday. Must be the 18th. Whoops.