Flight of Passage third party glasses?

I did Flight of Passage and loved it but the 3D glasses leave something to be desired. Anything not directly in front of me was ghosting because the 3D effect didn’t work outside of a narrow center area. I saw on another forum that the glasses used are Dolby 3D glasses, is there anywhere I can buy a proper pair to use that won’t cause the ghosting?

I have the same problem at 3D movies too.

I wish I knew. I find 3D rides/movies to be annoying because of this problem. I usually see double of everything.

Having said that, at Universal, SOME Of the rides used a type of 3D glasses that worked very well. Others did not. (Shrek 4D was particularly annoying!) It seems worse for experiences that seem to go out of their way to play up the 3D effects, whereas those experiences that are more natural were less of a problem.

At Disney, the Muppet Vision 3D and Mickey’s Philharmagic movies are so bad that I can hardly tolerate them.

Following this thread.

I found the glasses to be too big for my head and my daughter (9) could not enjoy the ride as they kept slipping off her head. We rode this ride 3x on our last trip and found the glasses the same each time. No clue if outside glasses would work or not but I assume they would. I suppose it couldn’t hurt to try.