Flight of Passage Rope Drop

Anyone know what FOP rope drop is like lately? Still arrive 45-60 mins before park open?

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I’m interested in this as well…figured I’d get my Boarding Pass at DHS, then hop over for a FoP Rope Drop depending on which group I got for Rise.

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I just watched an Allears video from November 2019 where she was on in 45 minutes after RD (technically there was EMH, but she wasn’t staying onsite so she arrived just prior to park opening to all guests). Single rider seemed to help as well, but it seems like the wait was not that bad.


RD at AK has gotten back to somewhat “normal” after RotR has been operating for about 7 weeks.
I’ve been keeping an eye on this during the opening weeks of RotR. If you don’t arrive early for RD at AK you’ll be in a 60 minute queue that will grow after the first hour of park operation.

To be clear - there’s no “official” Singler Rider queue for FoP. As you get to near the ride vehicles the CM will call out for single riders, but you still have to wait in the same standby queue as everyone else.


Fair point. They pulled single riders from the queue.

I didn’t want OP to get to AK and stand outside the queue looking for a Single Rider entrance for a couple minutes while the RD crowd rushed past. Hopefully, I didn’t come across as the “Acutally!” type of person! :smiley:


Haha - no worries there, we have 7, 2 in scooters. I told everyone to be ready to go for 8 am. Practice for Wed when we go to HS.

Next week only 4 of us, and while bored waiting for the group I was playing in MDE and got FP+ for FOP on Monday :slightly_smiling_face: (I’m having to day by day book additional FP+ because I have AP and we are doing 9 park days.)

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Thanks for the clarification! I didn’t remember a single rider line.

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We RDed last month for EMH at 8. We arrived at 7:10. We were let in about 7:30 and keep walking at a fast pace. We didn’t stop walking until assigned the preshow. We were off if FOP a bit after 8, off Navi by 8:20, off Everest by 9:05 in SB, and off Everest in SR by 9:25.

We didn’t hit the line until 8:45 (9 am open) … going on almost two hours now. Just hit the lab. I’m not used to this waiting in line stuff :joy: The good news, Everest FP that we wouldn’t have been able to make, changed to multiple experience.

Edit to add: my bro’s calves were too large, so they could not lock it. So he could not go on…all 7 of us got two Multiple Experience Passes, good for 2 days. A nice Disney bonus.


What time did you arrive at AK? I haven’t RD before so not sure how to ask more details on the timing of various steps- to arrive at the line at 8;45. I was eager to hear what to expect as well, going in week and half. Thanks!

I didn’t look at my watch, I think we got to the park around 8:30. When we got in line, the app said 45 min wait, but it took us just under 2 hours. At least everyone said it felt fast, because you were moving and lots of stuff to see. Kept the 6 year old distracted with the play Disney app. We FP+ everything else.

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Thanks for this… but Wow, you just killed my confidence :slight_smile: Lesson learned that we have to get there earlier than 8:30am! I saw your other post about the 5am wake for DHS - obviously your family is on board! Mine is taking more convincing. I should force them all to read this forum. Though two of them can’t read :wink:

What if there are EMH at AK? The day I’m looking at we have our FPs at MK starting at 10:30. AK has EMH from 8-9 (we are staying at the Swan). Was hoping to RD FOP and then head to MK. Is that too ambitious (we have till 11:30) to get to our first MK FP. Would 7:30 be a good arrival time considering its EMH? We could also drive as we have a car so we don’t have to worry about waiting for bus. My crew is all adults and not that motivated to get up.

You actually have until 11:45 to tap into your FPP.

When we did EMH for RD, they let us into the park at 7:30. We were in line at 7:10 but definitely not amongst the first. After we were let in, we kept walking at a fast pace until they assign our numbers for the preshow. We were off FOP a bit after 8. Arriving at 7:30 would put you much further back. But I still think you can make your FPP at MK.

I think the latest you can get off of FOP is 9:30 to comfortably get to your FPP. It could take 45 minutes to get back to your car from FOP, 15 minutes to get to TTC, another 15-30 minutes to park and get on the monorail or ferry, and then 15-30 minutes to get from the station to your attraction.

Thank you for the info. We will shoot to arrive at 7:15. That might give us a little time to get to another attraction during EMH. I was able to move my FPs around so that we will have until 1 to get to our first MK rides. As far as navigating, is it easier to just use Disney Transportation? We would maybe uber from the hotel to AK to be sure we don’t get stuck waiting for bus.

I would just Uber/Lyft to AK, and then take a park to park bus to MK. If the bus doesn’t come quickly, call an Uber again.

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You can get on a number of rides before you need to leave for MK.

I’m with @Wahoohokie with regards to getting from AK to MK.

The buses stop on the right as you exit the park. Ride share pick up and drop off is on the left. If you feel that you are short on time or the bus isn’t showing up quick enough, it’s easy to move over to ride share. For ride share to MK, get a ride to the Contemporary Resort. Ask the driver to drop you off in the parking lot immediately to the left of the gate. That will save you from walking back down the hill to get to MK.

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We visited AK yesterday. Park opened at 9am and we were in FOP line by 8:50am. The stated wait time was 105 minutes when we got in line. I clocked us exiting the attraction at 10:28am so was over a 2 hour wait for us. I had no idea that this ride opens this early and would highly recommend getting to park 45 minutes early at least. This ride had a consistent 210 minute wait time for most of the day.

You could also drive and valet park at Contemporary resort. Then walk over to MK. Or Uber to the same resort. It’s a quick walk that has it’s own security gate for MK. Avoids the whole TTC time suck.