Flight of passage query!

Just would like to know is there a upstairs on flight of passage?
My friend said it’s a much better experience upstairs (Really) I have only ever been on it once but cannot remember going up any stairs

Yes, there are 3 levels of people so you may have to go upstairs to ride. I have ridden on all levels, and haven’t noticed too much difference on each.


As @Wahoohokie mentioned there are 3 levels. We were at AK for DAH and we were talking to a CM about the different levels. She said the upper level is supposed to have a slightly more intense feeling of flight and the lower level supposedly feels a little faster and the middle is something in between those. We rode the upper and lower that night to see the difference and I didn’t notice that. I did feel like I was sprayed with more water on the upper level.

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Spoiler alert!! :rage: I didn’t know this was a thing!

(I’m very much just kidding. This makes it seem even cooler!)


It’s funny, the first time I rode it I didn’t even notice the other people because I was so engrossed in the experience. It was only after that I looked around and saw the other levels and people!


Same I would never of guessed that there was 3 levels not sure if we was on the first floor or second just remember walking down a long passage definitely no stairs involved

So sorry! It’s really a misting of water.

Soooo…I have ridden this four times and have never known that there were multiple levels! I’ve only ever ridden with a fast pass. Do you go upstairs after you pass the cast members who asked you for your number of riders?!? I’m so perplexed. (Also…I’ve never noticed being sprayed with water while riding. Is this for real?)

Spray might have been a strong word on my part–it’s really a misting.

Yes. The FP lines are nearest the ones on the ground floor. Stairs are tough for me so I always ask for the no stairs room. If you face the first rooms (where they ‘match’ you to the Avatar), the ones on the right have no stairs.

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We noticed that certain seats had more misting happening during the ride. Seat 16 for sure, and then seat 2! I am not sure which levels they were, but we have only ridden on the top and middle ones. My theory is that seat 16 is closest to the ocean for the wave - maybe that means a lot more mist happens:)

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That makes sense.