Flight of Passage problem with glasses

My wife and I went to Animal Kingdom today (12/1/17).
We arrived at ~9:00 and went to Pandora to ride on Flight of Passage.
We got to the end of the line about 9:10 and it was back over the bridge into Africa and wasn’t policed by Disney staff. It took a little over 3 hours to get to the start of the ride. Our touring plan suggested that the wait would be 41min.(we refreshed our plan the night before) On the ride we both had problems with the 3-D glasses, mine were too lose and didn’t stay centered, while my wife couldn’t get the glasses to stay on at all and spent the whole ride holding them with one hand. This is very poor design by Disney as there are many people with different size faces as well as people who where glasses.
The ride itself was very fast but it should slow down at some points for the riders to enjoy the fabulous scenery.
With the long wait and the problem with the glasses half of our day was ruined.


Waits for Pandora are insane, you need to arrive around 7.30 for a 9am opening if you don’t have a FP for FoP. Touring Plans doesn’t have enough info on waits yet because it’s too new, so it will always underestimate because it includes suggested data from rides with a similar capacity and ride cycle, none of which are remotely as busy as FOP.

The glasses were apparently fine during Pass holder previews, but there have been non-stop complaints since. Disney definitely messed up with the design.


The glasses were pretty good for me, but DH felt like they were always about to slip off. We had the idea to use the Chums straps we put on our sunglasses, but those don’t fit on the FoP glasses because the end of the arms is too wide.

OP, I hope the rest of your trip is going better.

I did alright with the glasses about a month ago. I had FP. I have a small head and my glasses are a petite size. I was on the very end. I don’t know if that matters.

First time I rode it in July, I didn’t have issues with the glasses. However when I rode it on Thanksgiving, they were slipping and were foggy like there was a film on them from the cleaning solution. It definitely interfered with my ride experience. I’m glad I rode it prior to the Thanksgiving ride. Otherwise, I would have been upset. DW has complained both times about the glasses not fitting her and slipping during the ride.

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This was hands down the highlight of our trip for all of us, I’ll be so bummed if this happens to us next time, especially my kids with littler heads. :disappointed_relieved: So sorry that happened to you.

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I thought the glasses were a fail as well. I have a decent-sized head and they were still too big.

Just returned from our 8 day Disney trip and rode FOP on two different days. I wear contacts and have an astigmatism and normally find that 3D type glasses don’t always work well for me, so I was prepared for that aspect. But, the FOP glasses had an added difficulty for me as well - I had to hold them on the entire time and each ride they were a bit scratched/had a film to them which made them less than clear. Overall - minor annoyance on an incredible ride, but had the glasses functioned better, it would have been so much more enjoyable!

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Okay, I’m not panicking, but still. For our first-ever trip over the holidays, I’ve bought these straps with really stretchy loop-ends which I was hoping would be good enough to keep the darned things on our faces…I do not want to have to use a hand to keep the glasses on my face! (And from your descriptions, I just know they’ll slip off me). Has anyone had any success with straps???

I had to hold my glasses because they felt as if they would fall off. But no one else in our 6 person group back in October had this problem and 3 were kids. I figured my glasses must have been stretched out and no one else’s were.

We had the same problem with glasses. Especially for kids, they were way too big. I was helping my kids hold on their glasses and trying to hold mine on at the same time. Very frustrating!

I agree about the glasses. I have a big head and I felt like they were going to fall off. I thought it was a fluke on my first ride but I went two other times that same trip and they were all loose. On my final ride I squeezed the sides together to make the glasses tighter and that helped a bit.