Flight of Passage in Mid May

This was just posted TPs YouTube page. I haven’t watchedit yet, but I have to imagine they address OP’s original question.


Okay, so he doesn’t really answer the question, but kind of sort of does?

Thank you for this! As much as I don’t like it to be true, it seems like the answer is that we’ll have to get there the full hour ahead of time and 15 minutes won’t cut it.

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I will be there just before you on May 7-12. I will try to remember to let you know how it goes for us. We are staying on site and will be doing a 8am EMH at AK, but will be RDing Navi, not FoP. We have a FP for FoP.

Thanks so much! I go to Disney a few times a year and it is always odd how one experience can be so different from the next even with the same conditions in place! Maybe it depends on how much coffee we have all consumed before 8am EMH…

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How does this work? I’ve set up an alert and I got an email notification, but then it doesn’t give me a link or anything to click like reservation finder. Once I get the email do I just log into my MDE account as soon as I can?

So true! I will be needing LOTS of caffeine! This is my first trip to the world. I go to DLR often and love 7 am ee/emh, but talk to me when there is a 3 hour time difference! I might be hating life! We will play it by ear.

Yes. You manually need to do it yourself. Just hope you have a quick trigger finger.

FP4ME alerted me to a fp for fop today. I wasn’t quick enough but this just shows you that they are out there.

Ok thanks! That’s what I thought, but I wasn’t sure

I’ve been alerted twice for June 6 FOP, but wasn’t quick enough

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Hey everyone! Just circling back to say THANK YOU for all your suggestions! I ended up finding us fastpasses for 7:15 for Flight of Passage! I’ll try to modify them, but I’m just overjoyed to have them at all. So we’ll still try to rope drop but now the pressure is really off.


You can also now use a third party application to send you a text when the email goes out–that was really helpful for me. The website has more info on how to set it up.