Flight of Passage - FP Wait time & Ride movement questions

Going to AK in about a week and had two questions about FoP.

  1. Does the “bike” move? I have a 4 year old, that I’m not sure will tolerate being by herself it the bike is moving.

  2. If it does move, I’m going to have to figure out how to take my older DD on, while my DH stays with the 4 year old and then switch after so he can ride. All during our hour FP time. Do you think we’ll have enough time to have all of us go through the FP line if we have to split the group and my DH goes after us?

How tall is your 4 year old? Unless gigantic, they likely won’t be tall enough and you’ll have to use rider swap. When you get the rider swap pass, you shouldn’t be restricted to your hour fast pass window. The rider swap pass should be good til the end of the month.


I guess Flight of passage is only 44 inches (I thought it was 48), but that’s still pretty tall for a 4 year old girl.

The vehicle is stationary for the most part. It has some movement (spoiler: you can feel your banshee breathe). But a lot of the motion is achieved with 3D visual effects.

Ugh, she is a 1/2" shy of 44". Totally stinks. OK, I’ll ask for a switch pass. I didn’t realize you could get one for that. Thanks!

Maybe find some thick soled shoes? I did that for my boys one year because they were just shy of getting on a ride they really wanted to go on.

That’s what I was thinking… put some lifts in those shoes!!! :slight_smile:

You are on another bike next to her, and you are able to look over at each other. Though looking over means missing out on the view (film) ahead :slight_smile: it can provide a comfort blanket to younger ones if needed.