Flight of Passage fast pass


How likely am I to get FOP at 60+4 in July? Should I not even get my hopes up?


I could get one for 60+3 in late afternoon (maybe 400 ish) for 3 people for my October trip, of course that wasn’t before my DME time but that was 60+3. You can follow availability on the dibbs chart (maybe someone will link)


You can probably get one - it might be late in the day but 60+4 seems reasonable


I think you will. I missed my FPP day and managed to get FOP (basically 59+3) in the early afternoon. What I did not get was SDD.


We got fast passes for 2 people for 3:45pm on our 60+2 day. It was for a Sunday back in October.


I got a late morning for 3 on my 60+3 day. It’s a Monday in March during spring break (also emh) so I think you have a good shot.


We are gong March 9 - 16, 2019. First day, no parks, 2nd day going to MK, 3rd day going to AK, 4th day going to EP and 5th day going to HS. I looked and saw many times available for FOP from early afternoon to the end of the day. So on this trip, that would be the 60 +3 and they were available.
If you are looking to get earlier, you might want to do AK later in your trip. Also you can keep trying to get better times, as I’ve done for other rides and had success.


We went last week on what turned out to be a CL 7 day. I got six 10:20 a.m. FPP for it at 60+3 - it was the first thing I booked when the window opened. Then at 1:01 the day of, I got four more for 2:20 p.m. We walked up to the park about half an hour before opening and rode NRJ with about a 10 minute wait. It worked out pretty well. Good luck!


I just had my FPP day today for Spring Break week. I got a FOP for 4 guests at 60+1 at 2:40 PM. When I was booking them today, it looked like numerous afternoon times were open at 60 +1. I also booked 60 +4 at 10:50 AM for 4 guests. YMMV in July, but here’s hoping you get them. Good luck!


Righ now the predicted CL for our AK day is a 6. Based on the responses, it sounds like at 60 + 5 (my OP was wrong) I should be able to get our pick of a decent amount of times. Thank you all.


I got mine 60+3 for 3 people at 1pm… during a CL 7 day


I got 2 for 9:00 am at 60+4. CL is a 4. My FPP day was Christmas though, so I don’t know if that helped me with all of the people who might have had Christmas morning obligations. I got every FPP I wanted.


I got FOP at 60 days for a group of 8! Was for 5:50pm. Better late than never.


Any hope for people at their 30 days?


I got an 11:30 am FOP at 60+4 so it’s possible. I got it right at 7:00 am eastern time.