Flight of passage fast pass + strategy

Last year I went to Disney world and was staying off site and had no chance in getting a fast pass for flight of passage, this year I staying onsite and have a 2 week hotel reservation will I have a chance in grabbing a fast pass plus reservation for flight of passage as if I’m correct after viewing the latest touring plan video on youtube I can book all my fastpasses at the 60 day out mark for my whole vacation? My plan was to jump straight to the second week and book those fast passes first do others have different strategies that may help in getting Flight of passage as I don’t want to miss out on it this year!

Yes. Once you get to day 3 or 4 you’ll easily get one. And Slinky!

And you are correct, you’ll be able to make 14 days worth of FPs at 60 days out, and on a rolling 60 day window after that.

So at 59 days out, you can make FPs for day 15 - and so on.

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Perfect that was going to be next on my list the Slinky dog coaster at Toy Story Land looking forward to seeing the new land will bring back childhood memories.

Unless something has changed you are only allowed a max of 14 days of FP to be booked at a time. Once you reach 14 days booked you will have to use a day before booking another.

I have held 18 days worth of FPs with a U.K. 21 day ticket. And plenty of U.K. visitors will testify to that.

Now if you have APs then yes, you probably do have to use a day before booking another day.

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Ahh yes the UK ticket! I always forget about that one :relaxed:

Most advise that I have heard will tell you to start with your furthest day - then work backwards.
You should have no trouble getting FOP that far out.
I got one on 60+1 & 60+6 on my upcoming trip - granted it is one person & my 60+1 is at 6PM LOL
What time of year are you going - that will play into it a littler -but really just for the first few days of your trip.
Even though I did start with my furthest day - I only did FOP, then my top ride at each of the parks, then I went back and filled in the rest.
Then I did some modifying to try and close some of the gaps between them so on most days I will be able to try and get some same day FPPs

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thanks for the advice I’m going from the 7th - 21st November, I have never been in November so not sure how the crowd levels are like. I’ve read it gets really busy close to Thanksgiving.

You will be fine with that many days. I just booked mine this morning. Check the TP fast pass availability page right before your FP time opens up lso you have an idea of how far into the trip you need to go for flight of passage and slinky dog. I got a flight of passage for four people no problem, on day four of the trip. There were lots of afternoon times open. I didn’t even try for slinky dog because we only have a four day trip and are going to Hollywood studios the first night. We’ll just have to get in line at the end of the night unless I can modify and pick one up.


I got FPP for FOP for the first day of our trip but they aren’t until 5:50pm. Like others have said, you should have no problem getting FPP for FOP or SDD. Good Luck

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Another good tip is to have a tab open for each day. Have each tab logged in to MDE and ready to select FPPs, and as already mentioned work your later dates (or dates you want an early FoP FPP on) first. Good luck!