Flight of Passage - Did twice with no pre-booked FastPass!

On Wednesday December 12 2018, my party of 4 managed to do FoP twice. Here’s how…


  • 8:00am: Arrived at the gates, were within a dozen people from the tapstile (make an extra line if you have to - there’s lots of tapstile!
  • 8:10am: They let us through the tapstile. Follow the crowd to the left. Walk briskly!
  • We were stopped at a bridge. We were within a few people of the front of the crowd. Keep your group together!
  • 8:20am (?): They walked us to FoP. Keep a physical hold of your travel partners to avoid being separated. It was a LONG march through empty queueing systems.
  • 8:30am: Entered the pre-show. I think we were in the first showing.
  • 8:50am: We exited FoP
  • 9:00am: Official park opening

So, we completed FoP before the park even opened. By 9am, the queue was stupid long and it stayed stupid long the entire day.

Interesting fact: There are 4 theaters in FoP. Each has 3 levels of 16 riders. This means they can take 192 riders at a time! (Look left/right while riding to see the other riders. It’s amazing!)

3:01pm FastPass Drop:

As per advice gleaned from various sites, I had set an alarm for 3pm. I then looked for FastPasses and got 5:30pm FoP FastPasses for my group of four. There were a few times available but I checked again after a few minutes and they were all gone. So, set your alarm for 3pm!

In combination with FastPasses for Na’vi River, Everest, and the Safari, our longest wait of the day was to meet Mickey & Minnie (around 15 minutes!).

Predicated park crowd level: 1
Actual crowd level: 6


This makes me so happy!

This is great! So you only got there an hour ahead of time. that’s not as bad as 90 minutes. Did you drive or take Disney transportation?

I was able to get 2 fastpasses for FOP (on two different days) but I didn’t get one for Na’vi. I am afraid my crew won’t be able to get out the door early enough. Maybe if we get there 30 min before RD, we could ride Na’vi with little wait?

Yes - for sure you can ride Na’vi with a short wait if you get there a little before RD. We just did and it worked very well. The posted wait time was 20 minutes but there’s no way we waited even 10.


Rechecking the FP at 3 seems like a good plan! Thanks!