Flight cancelled - park question

We just found out our flight tomorrow morning was cancelled, and we are now driving 15 hours to Orlando. I have already cancelled our dining, but I have a FP question. We don’t know if we will feel like going to the park when we arrive tomorrow, so I’m keeping our FP for now. What will happen if I let them expire? Will that prevent us from booking more another day with our ticket we planned to use tomorrow?

It wont effect your ability to book later in the trip at all.

Thank goodness you only live 15 hours from Orlando and not 2 days drive! Are you doing a one-way rental or did your whole flight get cancelled?

You could cancel your FPs while driving, as you get closer and make a decision. But I don’t think it matters to the system if you miss, since people let FPs expire all the time. The only caveat is that if they are desireable (FOP, SDD, SDMT), holding but not using them means someone else can’t use them… if that matters to you.

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Sorry to hear this, safe driving. Where are you coming from. Hope weather isn’t an issue.

They calling for snow/winter mix weather up north that is supposed to start tomorrow morning. That would be my guess as to why the flight was cancelled.

I think it was likely the weather wherever our plane was coming from. Flights before and after ours are still on schedule. Coming from Indiana!

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We rented vans for one-way so that we can leave them in Orlando and fly home! Thanks for the replies, everyone! We will cancel tomorrow as soon as we decide.


I hope the rest of the trip goes amazingly!!!

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Thank you! I hope so too!

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Good luck

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