Flame Tree or Restaurantosaurus?

I see tons I’d eat on both menus at Flame Tree BBQ and Restaurantosaurus. Which would you choose??

Restaurantosaurus has very detailed decorations, following the back story. Look up and around.

Flame Tree has the outdoor seating, which can be nice if the weather isn’t to hot.

Is the Tree of Life viewable from the outdoor seating area? Wondering if we catch it at dinner if you would be able to see the awakenings on the tree.

We like Restaurantosaurus and it has free refills.

It depends on how in need of AC you are. Flame Tree’s food is better, but sometimes you need the break from the outdoors.

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Not really. You might see the floats fairly well, but I don’t think you’d get a fantastic view of the water projections, and you would miss all of the projections that are projected onto that side of the lagoon.

You do get a gorgeous view of EE from there in the evening though:

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To answer the question of which restaurant:

We have never eaten at Restorauntosaurus but Flame Tree has been one we always hit. The combo plate is plentiful enough to be shared by two adults. All of the rest are still very large portions. Everything is really delicious there!

Flame Tree seems to get great reviews for food but I agree that it depends on whether you’re in need of AC and an easy seat.

We planned to eat at Flame Tree last trip but my kids were hot and losing steam, so when I saw the line for Flame Tree I decided to try Restaurantosaures instead. It didn’t help that mobile ordering was down this day.

The kids had chicken strips, DH had the burger and I had the chicken burger. It was all pretty good! Best thing of all there were plenty of empty tables and AC which is what we really needed at the time!


Flame Tree has much better food.

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We kind of did both. My son wouldn’t eat anything on the Flame Tree menu, so my wife and I split up. I hit Restauarantosaurus to order chicken nuggets while my wife picked up Flame Tree. Flame Tree was faster, and turned out to be the best Disney restaurant we ate at the entire trip.

All QS should have free refills you just have to ask

Flame Tree for sure! Although I can certainly understand the value of getting into the AC and cooling off, the food is much better at Flame Tree. I love the ribs in particular. The seating area off the lagoon at Flame Tree is under cover and is bearable from a heat perspective. One side note about Restaurantosaurus is the offer gluten free chicken nuggets on the menu so if you have a gluten free, eater, that is a huge plus.

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Thanks for all the feedback. We may just grab a meal at both but I’m def making sure we try the BBQ ribs from Flame Tree!

Another vote for restaurantosaurus! Decent fixings bar and great burgers make this my go to place in AK!

We have 2 days in AK well 2 half days. Restaurantosaurus for lunch to get out of the heat and Flame Tree for dinner when its cooler.