Flame Tree BBQ closed - suggestions?

Yet one more questions - my humble apologies! I just noticed - not sure how - that Flame Tree BBQ is closed until June 25th, but we planned to finish our day at AK next week by eating there. Are there other QS places that are pretty good at AK for dinner, or other restaurants at a resort that we might enjoy? We have 3 kids ages 12, 6 and 4. We definitely want quick service, but there may be other options for us to try that I don’t know about. Our TP has us finishing up at AK at about 4:30, so we have plenty of time to go somewhere else. Thanks for any suggestions!


Y&Y Local, is nice QS in AK. But if you’re done in the park head over to AKL and try Mara, then check out the animals there.

If you really like Flame Tree, then there’s a small temporary location on the walkway between Flame Tree and Yak & Yeki that is still serving their food. I believe there is also a barbecue option (at least for ribs) in the new Harambe Market area.

I enjoy the Yak & Yeti counter service option, too, though the menu is limited, so if you’re considering that, then you may want to review that with the kids to make sure everyone will find something they like. I’ve been ordering multiple appetizers there lately, since I like the chicken fried rice and it’s a rather large serving, so I just need a little something else to go with it.

the new harambe market place in africa looks amazing. I had already eaten, so didn’t have a chance to try out the offerings, but they look really good.

I was going to suggest Mara, or hop onto the bus and head to Captain Cooks, but once I read @DarthDopey’s answer, I knew that was the best idea!

Does the Yak & Yeti Counter Service have seating? If not, where do you usually eat it?

Yes, to the right. Lots of outdoor, shaded tables and chairs.

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