FL residents Exchange Certificates Question

I’m a Florida resident who has Magic Bands that were used for a previous trip. Since then, the tickets on the Magic Bands have been used, and I recently purchased new tickets.

What came in the mail is Exchange Certificates, which themselves cannot be used but must be exchanged (with proof of Florida residency) at the ticket sales locations at any park for tickets. We are staying offsite and our first encounter with WDW this trip will be driving into MK early morning for a pre-RD ADR. We were hoping not to have to spend too much time at TTC

I have already linked the ticket information to MDE which has my Magic Bands on there as well. So my questions are:

  1. Do I need to actually go through with the steps to exchange the certificates, or will the Magic Bands just work since they are tied to our fingerprints already (I believe)?

  2. My daughter was 2 last time we went, but she does have a Magic Band since we once stayed onsite. However, she does not have her fingerprint tied to her Magic Band as far as I know. So do we need to exchange the certificate for her?

Basically, I’m hoping to skip over the ticket sales counter at TTC. If I DO have to stop there, how early does the TTC ticket counter open? Does it open when the parking opens? Will there be a long line early in the morning when I’m trying to get to the park entrance for my pre-RD ADR?

Sorry for all the questions. Any help on any of my questions is greatly appreciated.

I do not know for sure, but I expect that all exchange certificates would work the same way. For an AP, you can link the exchange, and make FPs, but you need to go to guest services to activate with your ID. You. Could do this at DTD the night before?

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Thanks for the answer. It is very helpful. I am sure if you still need to do the exchange for a resident AP (you are a FL resident, correct? That is what I assumed you were saying) that you need to do the exchange for a regular ticket.

I was trying to avoid DTD the night before, so I think a better option for me and my family would be to leave even earlier for our pre-RD ADR. I would guess, as long as TTC is open well before opening, that the ticket counter wouldn’t be so crowded.

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