FL Resident Season Pass

If I buy a FL Resident Season Pass does it get activated the day I buy it (online) or the day I first use it in the park. I’m trying to figure out when it will expire.

Does it expire 365 days from the first use or 12 months later? I remember something funny about this from the last time he had them. Anyone have the details spelled out anywhere?

Also, when can I start making FPPs?

I know the seasonal passes act a little different than annual passes. I’ll tag @Camsdad because I know he has one and may be able to offer more info.

We upgraded the fl 3 day passes to seasonal passes two years ago, when I got my renewal letter in the Mail it was for the first day we used the three day pass… Not sure that helps but I’m thinking it’s the first day you use them at the parks :slight_smile: congrats too! We loved the seasonal passes and I’m totally talking dh into getting them again next fall!!!

We bought ours in September last year and didn’t use until mid December. I was scared they would expire next September but they are good one year from first use.

They expire actually 366 days from first use. You can buy whenever and you will have the same exp date so for example if you use it on jan 30th 2015 your last day to use it will be jan 30th 2016.

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This seems pretty comprehensive & looks like it was updated as of January 2015:

Of note: FL seasonal passes don’t get the free parking benefit.
So figure how many times you’ll go to & what it costs to park.

Yes I still buy an AP for that reason but buy my DD6 a seasonal pass.
ETA: @ejj thanks for the link that good info.

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Good idea. Don’t need two APs for one car!