Fl res late fall deal question

Ok I found a late fall deal on a standard room at WL that I want to upgrade to from AoA LM for our trip night month... I've called and have gotten two different CMs that can't find me that deal... Am I missing something here??? Any suggestions? It's only about $120 more then AoA so it seems like a good deal smile

Did you find it online? If you don't mind having charges for both posted at the same time you could go ahead and book the new deal online and then call to cancel the AoA room. It shouldn't mess up your FP, ADRs, etc. It might take a while for the credit/refund to show up though.

Yep it's online And both CMs I spoke to today were clueless (but very nice) so if I book the WL room it won't mess with my fpp??? Maybe I will try one more cm in the morning then just book it

It shouldn't mess anything up to book a second room. Then you can call with both reservation numbers and have them cancel the room you don't want after they make sure all tour FP and things are connected to the new room. Maybe someone else will chime in with reassurance though. I'd hate to be wrong.

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