Fitting the Happy Hallowishes Premium package into TP

My sister booked the Premium package for us, mainly because she doesn’t want to have to wait forever to get a decent view of the parade. We’ll be in the park at 4, and we have 2 other half-days at MK with CL 2, so we’re definitely going to focus on party stuff once it starts. I know we’ll want to get FPP for 7D and probably Space Mountain, since we’re not visiting any other parks that day.

I’m just wondering how others would work the package, as a whole, into a TP. My current thought is to enter the parade normally (reading reviews from last year, it seems like we don’t really need to be to the viewing area all that early), and then schedule a meal at Tomorrowland Terrace from 9:15-10:30. Would anyone else do it differently?

I think that what you suggested would make a good plan. I would just double check any official announcements from Disney to make sure that the first parade is at 8:35 pm and that the fireworks are at 10:00 pm. I hope you enjoy.