Fitting in character meetings

First time Touring Plans user here. I just started working on my plans, and I am wondering what is the best way to allow for meeting characters at MK, like Gaston or Peter Pan or Jesse/Woody who don’t have all day availability and aren’t included in the Attraction selection. As a place holder I’ve scheduled a meal break at a location nearest to the character to allow the system to accurately figure walking time and tried to schedule the character around the same time as a nearby attraction (for example: I scheduled 20 mins at Cool Ship during which time I will actually go to meet Buzz Lightyear right before riding Space Mountain.) Or is there a way to add the characters and I’m just totally missing it?


You’re doing it the best way possible at present. Scheduling a generic break or a meal works well.


That’s a good work-around. I didn’t think of scheduling a “meal” for things like this.

It would be nice if we could schedule a break and have a drop-down list of basic in-park areas where the break will be taken so the system can factor the walking time and other desired attractions into our plans.


Definitely do that. I really didn’t understand all of that when I made my TP and it really screwed things up. I don’t think we were in and out of any of that kind of character meet and greet in 20 min though. They were all more like 40 minutes when we were there.