Fitting 5 in Beach Club Villas 1 BD

Is it really true that we can fit 5 in a Beach Club Villa Studio but only 4 in a One Bedroom? I have looked at the layouts and don’t understand why that is. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Yes, it is true!

It’s because the layout of the kitchen and the placement of the connecting means there’s nowhere for the pull down Murphy bed to go or a sleeper chair. The kitchen has a seating bar which blocks space where the Murphy bed could fit.

Now if you’re a member, you can put 5 into a 1-bed, but you’d have to provide the bed and bedding. That’s because of the anomaly. But booking direct with Disney is limited to 4 in the room.


Thanks! I would actually be renting points, so may be able to make this work then if I bring an air mattress (i.e. no issues registering 5 guests, just a bedding issue). The 5th may be in a crib then still (but 3 years old so needs a ticket). Seems like that would work then?

As an aside, do you know if Disney will provide a pack-in-play or a crib? I seem to remember they are stocked in the closet, but wasn’t sure.

I asked David’s Rental agency about 5-th guests in 1 bedroom BCV units when putting my rental request together. They said, yes, we could have a 5th guest, but you need to provide your own bedding.The DVC Rental Store website says the same thing about the 1-bedroom units at BCV.

I have no idea about the crib situation though (my group is adults).

There should be a pack n play in the closet. Or if not, they will get one for you.