Fish or cut bait

hope i don’t sound like a whiner…but i have tix good thru 2030, renting Dvc in October, so if i cancelled now i would only lose 200 bucks. probz i am not getting any younger. …cancel or no?

are you worrying about your fall trip? I’m going. I know it will require adjustments, but there is always so much to do.

I am. i can deal with crowds, but if parks start reaching capacity which then causes other parks to reach capacity. …then i dunno. for that much money i could go elsewhere and gift tickets to kids. i really don’t want to cancel Hoo boy…just been a bad day

Total sympathy here. By when would you need to cancel to minimize costs? It feels like there will be more info on people’s plans and from the opening of DL SWGE to help get more and better info.

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Lures are for fishing when you run out of bait.


September 11, so that’s when i will decide. may have a harder time getting flights but ill take that chance. thanks @DumboRunner you rock


good one

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I understand. I really do. We had planned to take a trip to WDW in 2014. I’d had a number of miscarriages and as soon as our DD was born in Feb 2013 I booked a 4-night DCL for May 2014 and we wanted to tack on a week at WDW. Then the talk of FPP started. And then the testing started. And then I made the very painful decision to cut WDW off the plan. It really disappointed my older kids and my sister was actually really put out. But there was no way I could step into the newness of FPP with all the questions hanging. I knew I would be beside myself if we spent all the money on a trip and then felt like we didn’t get a good ROI. We spend a week+ at SeaWorld, Aquatica, and Busch Gardens Tampa instead. It was a great trip (and cost a lot less), and we did go to WDW in 2016 with as many hacks as I could muster up.

I don’t have an answer for you about this year, but I can relate to the concerns.

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BUT - will we have enough hacks, I mean lures, by her trip?

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This year, next year, the year after that, when will it end. At some point you have to jump in the water to get wet. Next year we will have a second ride opening in HS then Tron, Guardians, and so on. You won’t get it all done but enjoy what you do. Remember you are here and you have more hacks then the average Joe.


I think SWGE is more than a new ride, however. I think it changes the overall landscape (metaphorically) more so than just a new ride or two even. Just like FPP was a major game changer.


yea. i know and all you peeps are so dang smart… not really trying to get it all done…just trying to make it a trip where we can enjoy 2017 stuff and b4


the average @joefishing209 :smiley:

@bethro23 I’m so with you! We’ve had our hotel reservations since before we checked out last year… and then the news broke about SWGE. I’ve already prepared DH that this trip will be early mornings for RD every day, midday breaks, and then reassessing if we are going back to the parks or doing something at the resort, or maybe even visiting Ft Wilderness. Plenty of other things to do that don’t mean going the parks.

I’m planning all my fast passes (i think) for the mornings to accomodate this. if I can’t get additional afternoon/evening fast passes, then the decision is even easier to hang at the resort and enjoy ourselves and the other amenities.

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I had a small freak out when they announced SWGE (we’re going 11/1 - 11/9) BUT I think I’d be much more sad about skipping Disney this year than dealing with potential for crazy crowds. I’m confident in my planning abilities and I’m looking at it as a challenge now!