First world problem - timing of ADR's and domino affect - have to lose one

I am having some difficulty deciding on which ADR’s to keep, mostly because in some circumstances I can’t decide whether it would be better to have a sit down lunch (escaping the crowds in park after Rd mornings and more park time in the evenings after a break) or a quick lunch (either in the park or escaping from the park), and the a sit down dinner later. Will do one TS per day. This is peak spring break so I’m expecting the parks to be overwhelming at lunch time and I’m a little worried about finding a place to sit and eat with QS.

A couple of decisions depend on others, for example:
MK day 3/21: I have an LTT lunch reservation (11:20am) on an 8am opening. By this time we should be hungry from the early RD and ready for a break. Having this reservation guarantees us an escape, and we’ll likely be ready to go back to the resort afterwards with full bellies ready for a nap. (hopping to Epcot later that evening).

The decision on whether to keep LTT would affect my decision on San Angel Inn.
Currently have San Angel Inn for dinner on 3/21 and lunch on 3/24.
If we do LTT lunch on 3/21, I would probably keep the lunch at San Angel Inn on 3/24 and cancel the dinner on 3/21.
This then affects my ADR’s for BOG - have a dinner on 3/24 and lunch on 3/26. if we do lunch at San Angel Inn on 3/24 we would not do BOG in the evening that same day, but rather for lunch on 3/26. If we do BOG lunch on 3/26, we would cancel our 50’s ADR for dinner at HS that night without another chance to do 50’s.

So the decision to eat lunch at LTT on 3/21 seems to affect the timing (lunch/dinner) of my other ADR’s.

If we cancel LTT, San Angel Inn would be dinner on 3/21, BOG dinner on 3/24 and 50’s dinner on 3/26 (if we do LTT lunch, the 50’s dinner would be cancelled since we’ll already have had BOG lunch) and no time for 50’s.

The two scenarios are:
Lunch: 3/21 LTT, 3/22 Sanaa, 3/24 SAI, 3/26 BOG, 3/27 Y&Y
Dinner: 3/20 Sci Fi, 3/23 BnC, 3/25 Via Napoli

Lunch: 3/22 Sanaa, 3/27 Y&Y
Dinner: 3/20 Sci Fi, 3/21 SAI, 3/23 BnC, 3/24 BOG, 3/25 Via Napoli, 3/26 50’s

I guess it really comes down to LTT or 50’s, in which I’m leaning towards LTT and taking the time in the middle of the day vs evening. Also, all of the dinner ADR’s depend on being able to hop to a different park, which I’m not expecting to be a problem but there’s no guarantee.

Would appreciate your insight. Will be dropping some ADR’s for 6 once I decide and would be happy to coordinate if anyone is looking for that week.

I think you have to do what’s right for you and your family, which may be different from what’s right for mine. But, since you asked, my opinion is to keep the LTT reservation. I like that that set has more lunch breaks, which are so needed during the day. The other option is very dinner-heavy, and I’d just prefer to mix it up more. All good choices, though, regardless!

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Agree that you should do what’s right for your family.
I’d keep the LTT lunch and not worry about missing 50’s. I think the rest of your dining plans look great. But my family loves LTT and I think LTT at lunch is the best break, especially on an early rop drop day.

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We love LTT also, it’s been too long since we’ve eaten there. Haven’t been to 50’s yet but that can wait for another time :slight_smile:

It was helpful writing this all out, now I’m sure option one works better for us. Now to finalize my touring plans and cancel some ADR’s. 8 days to go!

Thanks for your input!

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Good luck and have a GREAT trip!!

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I think, in your thread heading, you meant “First world problem”.

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Yes totally, haha!! I wish I could edit that, gah!

edited :crazy_face: