First week of May 2022 question

I’m heading to Disney World on May 3 but I’m confused as to why the crowd calendar shows a packed day on May 4 at magic kingdom but not so packed on May 4 at Hollywood Studios. May 4 is Star Wars day and I think it’s already sold out. Is there a reason or significance as to why Magic Kingdom is marked as packed that day?

MK is closing early (4:30 PM) on May 3rd for a cast member event. Typically when they happens, the days before and after are much mor crowded at MK.

Re Hollywood Studios - I wouldn’t bank on that being not crowded and I suspect that it will jump with the next crowd calendar update.


To expound on @mikejs78’s point, from what I’ve seen from vloggers and those posting here, despite the limited hours on a day such as May 3 when MK closes early, it has SO FAR turned out to have some of the lowest crowd levels! So, if you will be there on May 3, you might actually want to pick that for your MK day over May 4! People seemed to be scared away from the reduced park hours…but as a result, the overall waits have been amazing.

If you have park hoppers, going early to MK on that day, and hopping to another park in the evening would be a good option.

(Of course, as always, there are no guarantees…if people are “onto” this little secret about early closing days, more people might choose to go there.)


Thank you both so much! Let me ask your opinions, I have Hollywood Studios and then Epcot planned on May 4. And then I was going to do Animal Kingdom on the morning of May 5 and then magic kingdom that afternoon. I’m going back to Magic Kingdom on the seventh.

Considering that Hollywood Studios is already sold out should I keep the schedule as planned now? Or flip the days and do AK/MK on Wednesday 5/4 and then DHS/EP on Thursday?

I wouldn’t switch, no. In fact, MK on May 4 is likely to be a mass of crowds BECAUSE people were avoiding MK on May 3. So, I think you’re good as you have it. I wasn’t sure when you said you were heading to WDW on May 3 if that meant it was your first park day…and if it was, I was merely suggesting it would be a good day to do MK. Since your first park day is May 4, then I’d keep it as is. Yes, it will be crowded in HS on May 4.

The alternative might be to do AK and EP on May 4, and then HS/MK on May 5? That moves your HS day off of May 4.

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Thank you so much. I really appreciate your advice.

Are they updating on a schedule? I don’t think there has been one very recently.

They usually update twice a month but I think you’re right, I don’t think there has been one recently.

Don’t they have a blog article every time they update the crowd calendar?

I thought I heard the norm was about 6 times a year and last year they had like 10 because of all the covid waves.

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