First week of March

Thinking about a 3 day trip the first 3 days in March. This now coincides with the opening of food and wine. For some reason touring plans has estimated park open at 10am on March 1 and a more normal opening time (based on my experience) of 8am for March 2. Any idea why park hours may be shorter on March 1? Any other downsides to a trip over these 3 days??


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I go those days every year for my birthday and some years it’s been low crowds and sometimes busier, but generally not packed. I’ll be there again this year. I don’t remember Disneyland opening at 10 any of the days in the past, so hopefully it won’t open that late this year.


Touring Plans based their opening times off of previous years’ calendars until actual opening times are announced. The last couple of years have been non-standard to say the least, so I wouldn’t put too much stock in those estimates.