First week in September

Hello all,
anyone have an idea as to why this week is crowd level prediction is so low? I mean I know the kids are all back in school at that time, but 1’s the entire week, seems too good to be true???

I don’t know if we will see 1s for a very long time but generally that has been one of the lowest crowd times of the year.

We were there September 7-15, 2018 and it was hot and crowded. Not a 1 on any day at any park

I don’t think there will be 1s for a very long time but September 1-30 is the lowest DVC point category because it is expected to be the least crowded? Early December is an example of how that can change?

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That is normal the week after labor day, mostly 1’s. People are also hesitant to schedule then because of the high hurricane risk. (I think 2 of the last 5 years had a hurricane then)


I agree, I just know how surprised we were as a family w/ the crowds in 2018. But what we are seeing right now is not the norm either. Come prepared :wink:

We went the week after Labor Day 2021. It was all 1s the whole time we were there… but that was during the Delta variant spike so not sure that will happen again.

Most people are unwilling to pull their kids from school and the beginning of the year and it’s also extremely hot and hurricanes are a possibility. It was really hot when we were there but we live in TX and are used to it.