First trip without kids

Hi, all y’all! Long, long, long time, no see. Last trip to the World was in 2015 with our DS13 and DMiL. It’s official, we are heading back for Spring Break 2019, this time just Shannon and I. Our room options, as we look at them right now, are POR - River View, CBR - Preferred, Pop, or ASMo. I know, quite a variety. Way back in the early 2000s, ASMo was our go to with a young boy. Nostalgia is the reason it is on the list. POR is on the list because it was the site of one of our all time favorite trips…so, again, nostalgia. CBR and Pop are new to us.

Until we spent a trip on the balcony at AKL, my room philosophy was “I’m not there very long so who cares” (I guess you can guess that from ASMo being on the list! 8^} )

Ok, all of that to say, do you have any recommendations? Having been a Touring Plans fan forever, I know what the typical knocks on CBR used to be. Bad buses and poor food. I’ve never had issues with buses at ASMo or POR so I can’t imagine CBRs are worse. I like the theme of CBR.
Pop is on the list mostly for monetary purposes. The less I spend on a room, the more I have for food!

Thanks for listening. I appreciate the help.

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I’d totally consider CBR except for my fears about ongoing construction affecting the quality of the stay. You may want to look into that before seriously considering it.

I’d stay at POR myself before ASMo as long as it was in the budget. Check out Magical Vacation Travels and request a quote. They just released their deals for 2019. Their quote for POR for our May 2019 trip was about $1000 less than rack rate for an 8 night stay. They also have deals on Pop.


Thanks, Beth. The construction has me worried, too, but Disney Tourist Blog just told Shannon (DW) that the construction isn’t as bad as it is made out to be. The construction walls are coming down and almost all of the construction will be wrapped up by the spring with the final part being finished early summer 2019. POR is definitely in the budget but…for some reason I’m having trouble pulling the trigger on it.

The video walk-through I watched today seemed hopeful - most walls down. And I understand they are still pushing for the 10/1 opening.

CBR has always been my Disney home, but what gave me pause are those hideously ugly posts for the sky buckets. It’s like, here’s a pretty lawn and pretty buildings and a peaceful, calm setting…let’s stick this obnoxious, ugly, 100% industrial post in the middle of it. :frowning:



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They will always be sky buckets to me. :slight_smile:


Death Buckets. Buckets of Death. Not sure which, just that they terrify me. I mean, it’s FLORIDA. It’s HOT. There’s LIGHTNING. What could possibly go wrong here?!

I fully aspire to NEVER EVER get in one. And if I do, it will be for one very specific reason and a one-way ride!!!

Sorry, didn’t mean to hijack the thread!

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We have loved POR the last two family trips. Just has a good vibe and the boats to DS are an added benefit. Stayed at CBR 2x in the past, and would stay there again especially once construction is done. Like the beach theme, but we preferred POR and POFQ. My vote is POR of your choices.

Going to stay value–looking like POP–for upcoming spring break trip. Justified a value resort as we are getting two rooms and could swing 9 days at value vs. 6 at moderate. And we will spend most days at the parks with only a couple late starts and one resort afternoon/evening. I’m interested in seeing the refurb rooms and whether they will be spacious and comfortable enough to fit our group. Reviews have been more than positive.

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No problem JuliaMc. I understand. Back in 1978, on my first day working at Six Flags over Mid-America (now Six Flags St. Louis), there was a Death Bucket accident that killed 3 people. It was pretty traumatic.

None of the above would be on my “short list”. When I stay value, it’s POP (I had a bad experience at the AS), and if I was to stay at a moderate, I would choose POFQ because it is much smaller than the other two. I stayed at CBR one time, and although very pretty, the distance from my room to the main building and the inconvenient buses left me feeling that I would never stay there again. When I can rent DVC points at a deluxe for only slightly more than a moderate, I’ve pretty much removed mods from my decision tree.

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Thanks, bswan26. We actually firmed up Pop last night. We are now doing 7 nights/8 days in March.