First Trip with an ECV

That’s me- well actually I can walk pretty far- a mile or two or sometimes even further in a day. I’ve tried everything to minimize my walking there, including Uber, Minnie Van (RIP) and Club Level FP- but in the end I still wind up with an ECV at some point in the trip. I’m glad that your aunt will have one from the start.

I felt nervous about this the first time, but yes, people do this everywhere at WDW.

I rent the smaller ones so they are easy to dismantle and put in the car trunk. I would highly recommend renting a big enough SUV/van to handle all of your gear. ECVs on Disney transportation is just painful for everyone. You have enough on your hands without taking the bus. We also used Uber XL with no problem.

Spend the money it takes to make transportation as easy as possible. I’m glad you’re at BWV- that really helps.

Also, flip down the seatback if it’s left outside in the sun unless your Auntie wants a really toasty tushie.

I agree with others that canopies seem unnecessary but baskets are awesome. I think my family just likes me to get an EVC to carry their stuff. :grin:

This may have changed as I don’t ride KS anymore, but leave the ECV far away from it if she wants to go on that ride- don’t try to drop it off where the strollers are. A cast member patrols that area and they made us take mine on KS and we waited a very long time for the right ride vehicle that could accommodate an ECV.


Thank you for all the great responses everyone! So helpful!

We have some flashing lights for after dark, and flags for during the day.

It looks like the scooters from Kingdom Strollers have a basket in the front. Should I look into baskets that can hang off the back too?

How did you attach those to the ECV?

Great tip, thanks!

We’ve experienced that with strollers too. There will be 2 adults on their feet though, hopefully we can set picks for them!

We will definitely be doing that.

We have rented a 12 passenger van to haul us and all our gear!

We were planning to bring cheap towels to cover the seats, I’m not sure if the ones on our particular model flip down.

I think she will be ok to walk in all of the lines, but this is a really great, specific tip! Much appreciated!

This post was like training for the Daily Thread!! :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


We didn’t attach. Just held and drove one handed.


I rented from Scooter… official Disney provider in March. We got in really late and I didn’t notice that the seat was basically broken back (almost like a recliner). The next day I noticed it and emailed the company, they responded the next day and said they would have a replacement the following day(I did take the insurance too). I was very happy 2nd one was much better and only fault was my own for not calling the 2nd day when I noticed the problem- they would have resolved it much sooner I think. But was happy with the quick replacement.


I never had trouble identifying my ECV then I remembered why. We placed backpacks on the back of the ECV and we did not have problems with them that way, getting on or off the busses.