First trip using Touring Plans

I have been to Disney multiple times, but this is my first time using Touring Plans. I have my FP+ reservations and ADR’s. All I want to do is plug them in, list what rides we want to go on, and then get a list of what we should do when. We leave in a little over a month. When I try to add my FP+ times, it doesn’t list them, and nothing makes sense ( why would I visit World Showcase before it opens). I fear I must be doing something wrong. I feel like it should be so much easier than what it is, and since this is such a popular website, I must be missing something! HELP!

Welcome! Here are a few tips to start.

Check the times you’ve entered everywhere. One switched AM or PM can make everything crazy.

Use a computer and the website to do plans, not the app. The app is great for using a plan in the park, but way more options are available for fiddling with plans on the full site.

Open the “advanced options” menu in the FastPass+ box. There choice to “Force Optimize to use all of your FP reservations, even if that increases wait times.”

Optimize is the button that lets the computer decide the order. Evaluate is the button that lets you see the wait times after you’ve moved things into an order you like. I like to optimize first and then fiddle a bit by manually moving things and checking to see if it’s a change I can live with by using evaluate.

You need lots of items in your plan to fill the time. If you only have a few things listed and all of them can be accomplished back-to-back before 11 am or after 9 pm, then the optimizer will clump everything together during those low-crowd times. You can get around this by making sure your plan times only cover when you’ll actually be there, and by adding breaks or meals, or by adding more attractions.

If you edit your plan - Top box, button labeled “edit” under Plan Summary - there’s a place you can check that says “publish this plan?” Check that and copy the URL. If you post it here one if us can click through and see what you have so far and make more specific suggestions. Sometimes the start and end times reset when you open that menu, so check everything before saving.


That was an excellent explanation! I wish I had asked when I first started but I didn’t discover forums until I had worked most of it out the hard way! I will say that I don’t have access to a computer so have used my phone for the whole process. Good to hear that it’s easier on a computer but it is doable on a smart phone too. Just takes a while!

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