First trip October 2019

Hi everyone~

We have been to WDW many times but have not had a chance to go to DL until now!!!

My hubby and I (without our boys) will be coming to Cali in October for a wedding. We added a couple of days so we could go to Disney. Unfortunately we will only have two park days, but it is better than nothing! We fly in Thursday morning Oct 10 and plan to be at the park by 1:00 if all goes well. We will then have all day Friday also.

I will have lots of questions, here are my first few…

Should we get park hoppers? Or just plan on CA for Thursday and DL for Friday?

I am planning on getting the MaxPass, what are your thoughts?

Any help you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated. TIA

MaxPass is the greatest and best thing ever. I will not ever do DL again without it (and sadly they know how great it is cause they have increased the cost). The hopper could go either way for you guys so I will offer my two cents. I would get the hopper bc the freedom to jump is extremely beneficial in the crowd control situation. You could get there Thursday and discover after entering DCA is a bit too crowded (for whatever reason) and head over to DL or vice versa on Friday. The price difference isn’t so extreme that it outweighs the advantages. Also, DCA typically has shorter park hours than DL and might be closing earlier than DL, if you do the hopper you could go into DL Thursday night when DCA closes and get extra time in DL.

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I agree. I vote to get the MaxPass, as you will better be able to manage your time and get on the rides you really want to see. Also, with the ParkHopper, you can move away from the crowds and after DCA closes. Which such a limited time, you want to take every advantage.

I third the above advice. Just know that Thursday is one of the Halloween parties that is being held at DCA for the first time in several years. So that means that hoppers will be especially helpful. My suggestion is to start at DCA if you arrive early enough, then hop to DL (unless you decide to attend the party).

  1. Totally agree that MaxPass is a must.
  2. Park Hopper is much more valuable at DLR because the parks are closer to each other, so you don’t lose much time hopping.

At WDW, I often get a hopper and then don’t end up using it because it is so inconvenient to switch parks halfway through the day. I might use it once during a trip for an ADR. With DLR, you could easily start at DCA, head to DL after lunch, go back to DCA for dinner, then finish at DL after WoC until park closing.