First trip, looking for a review of possible plans

Traveling in April with a 6 yr old boy and a 4 yr old princess. I did my best to create these plans. We will plan on leaving the park around 1pm and returning to the resort for rest until around 4:00pm. Let me know if I should make adjustments.

Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3 late arriving:
Day 4: and then
Day 5:

I didn’t use the optimizer. I just plotted it out and used the evaluate button. Thanks in advance for the feedback.


I’m bookmarking this to come back to it tomorrow.

I clicked on the links and it said I do not have access to this plan.

Same issue as @jlyn - you need to click on the ‘Edit’ button in the ‘Basic Info’ section and and tick the box next to ‘Publish This Plan’. Then we will be able to see the plan,

Note that went you open the ‘Edit Basic Info’ section the Start and Stop Times will be reset to the defaults, so you will have to change them back to the times that you had used if they were different. @len - is this on your Bug List?

Will you post when you change the settings so we can check they can be viewed?

Sorry for the error. I’m new at this. I edited the original post and added the published plans. Thanks for the views and Im looking forward to the feedback.

Day 1 HS: are you watching Jedi Academy or planning on having you child sign up and be in the show?

Day 2 MK: will you be able to flip It’s a small world and BOG depending on your ADR? Also, with only 49 minutes you should make sure you pre-order your meal.

Day3 EP: you will be there during Flower and Garden. Do you have time to look at the displays? You may want to try some booths for lunch instead?

AK: (horror!) What?! No Lion King?

Finally, something is off on Day 5. 1900 PF time is off and so the rest of the plan goes off.

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Day 1 we are hoping to get our son in the jedi training. We actually have an ADR at H&V for 0800, I’ll add that to the plan.

Day 2: I don’t have an ADR yet, hoping to get it on the 25th. Should I allow more time for lunch? y kids don’t sit still for long.

Day 3: Is up in the air. I’m not sure how early the kiddos will recover after staying up late the night before for the fireworks.

AK: How could I squeeze LK into the day and still leave by 1:00? I want to make sure my daughter gets a nap.

Day 5, I fixed the time error. I didn’t notice I entered it as 5:00 AM.

I personally would go to Lion King for the 10:00 show after the Safari. Only you know what’s best, but Lion King is amazing!

Te issue with BOG is that it takes a while to get the orders in, so pre ordering would save the time.

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On Day 1, after the rest I would do what you have scheduled for Day 4 (eve). Consider the Fantasmic! Dine package This will allow you to bypass the line for F! and use the time saved to do VotLM as originally planned.

On Day 3, that is a bit of a hike to go all the way to Italy just for dinner. Maybe consider one of the restaurants in Mexico - La Hacienda is excellent!

On Day 4, as others have suggested I would do FotLK. To make room I would drop Nemo - FotLK is much more interactive and better for kids with the wiggles. If you move the HS evening activities to Day 1, you could add Nemo and some other attractions and make it a slightly longer day, and then just go back and enjoy the resort for the rest of the day. This way you would not need a PH, saving you some $$$ for other things.

Also, perhaps try making a copy of these plans and running them through the Optimizer - you might find that it comes up with plans with a lot less waiting. Don’t enter any FPPs, and see what it suggests. Check out Making Optimized Personalized Touring Plans with FastPass+ for tips on how to best do this.

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Thank you very much, I think I’ll be working on implementing some of the suggestions.

I think these plans look really good! have fun!! the only thing to keep in mind is that if you are using Disney transportation, everything takes longer than anticipated so give yourself enough cushion to get back to the park for ADRs in the evening. my DD was 4 when we went last spring. she took one nap in the room over a 7 day period which was a major battle (it took an hour to get her to even lay down!). so hopefully your DD is a good napper and will settle down quickly once you get her back to the room. (my DD’s other nap of the 7 day trip was a sudden almost narcoleptic event on a bus to DTD on day 7 - her body just couldn’t keep up any more!)

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