First Trip FP questions

This is will be my first trip to Disney World (I have been to Disneyland once). My husband will be there April 5-8 for the Star Wars RunDisney event. We have park tickets for the 6th and 7th. My question is about FP+ choices. On the 6th we are do the run and then hitting Epcot in the AM and Hollywood in the afternoon (2:00 reservation at Sci-Fi Dine in).
My biggest must ride is Tower of Terror. Other must rides are Spaceship Earth with Indiana Jones and Muppets 3D as must see shows. It was suggested that I get 3 quick FP at Epcot in the AM and it would be easy to get a later Tower of Terror one that day. From the research on this site (just signed up today) it seems that is not the case and I am better off getting on for Tower of Terror and maybe some other things and just waiting in line for the stuff at Epcot. What would your suggestions.

The 7th is Animal Kingdom in the AM and Magic Kingdom in the Afternoon. 8:30AM reservation at Tusker House. I have no desire to do anything Avatar related and just want to do the Safaris and the walking stuff at Animal Kingdom. No thrill rides at Magic Kingdom just the classics like Jungle Cruise, POC and Haunted Mansion. What is the best way to us FP for day two.

Epcot has pretty sparse tier 2 FP options. If Test Track, Soarin’, and Frozen aren’t must rides, I’d definitely use your FP’s at DHS. Spaceship Earth can have pretty short lines most of the day and especially early and late. And if you get your FP’s for ToT, you can also get RnRC and SDD which are both fantastic and not at Disneyland. ToT does have “ok” FP availability later in the day, especially if you’re willing to hammer refresh on the app. but given the lack of good options at Epcot and the abundance of other good and unique options at DHS, I’d use my FP’s at DHS. Indiana Jones and Muppets should both be fine standby, with Muppets being a walk-on pretty much anytime of day.

As for Day 2, if you can RD Safari then there’s no need to use FP’s at AK. Kali River tends to have short lines early (because it’s a water ride) and if you’re not doing Avatar anything or Expedition Everest, everything else should have manageable lines. MK has a number of rides which will benefit greatly from FP’s: 7DMT, Thunder, and Space to name a few. Many of the other rides (JC, PoC, and HM) can be had as “day-of” FP’s with enough hammering on the refresh button on the app.

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It depends on whether you will be able to rope drop at Epcot on the the 6th. If so, you should be able to head to whichever attractions (Soarin’, Frozen, Test Track, Mars, Spaceship Earth) you most want first and then hit the others in quick succession.
If so, I would get the FPPs for your top priorities at HS. With the runDisney events, the crowds will be up there. I live for ToT.
On the second day, if you don’t care about FoP, then you also would be fine to hit KS early without terrible waits, so use your FPP for priority attractions at MK. It also depends on how quickly your DH will be done with the half marathon and how quickly you can get to AK.
That’s what I would do.
I know that does not utilize the book-them-early-and-then-grab-and-go tried-and-true method, but given that you have specific things you are prioritizing, it’s how I would do it.