First trip during the Holidays..Suggestions PLEASE! :)

Hello, I have been a “creeper” on this forum for a while, and have only posted one time! After our first trip with our girls the magic and excitement of Disney had me hooked, and now my poor husband has to put up with me and my crazy planning for the “next” trip, usually just weeks after we have returned from the most recent one! I have learned so much from reading a lot of the reviews and tips, and of course the TPs. In the last 2.5 years we have gone to WDW twice (both times the last week in August…my husband says no more of this, the heat tries to kill him, especially since he is the one who gets to push the stroller lol) and Aulani once (in Feburary, honestly best trip we have ever been on, this includes trips with hubby only pre-kids…AMAZING PLACE). This year we want to experience Christmas at WDW. We will be at Cornado Springs from December 11-16, and we have park hoppers.

My question is what are some things we do not want to miss related to the Holidays? We are attending the MVMCP and Candlelight Processional, but what other things MUST we experience? We love everything about Christmas decorations and I will likely be a big baby and cry with excitement all the time! Our girls are 5 and 7, and they are just as crazy as mom about everything Disney.

So far this is what each day looks like:
11th: QS lunch, Minnie’s HV Dinner
12: Flametree Lunch (is it open year round?) Ohana Dinner
13: Coral Reef Lunch, QS Dinner MVMCP night!
14: Sanaa Lunch, CP Dinner
15: Bippidi Boppidi pre-RD, BOG lunch, CRT Dinner
16: Pre RD BOG Breakfast, Beaches and Cream (for the kitchen sink), Garden Grill Dinner

I greatly appreciate any suggestions of MUST DOs!


You must check out the gingerbread displayes and/or Christmas trees at GF, BC/YC, AKL, WL, CR, POLY. So wonderful!


Yes - a tour of at least the Monorail resorts to see the Christmas displays is a great idea and easy to access from the Magic Kingdom. GF, AKL & WL all have giant trees in the lobby that are quite impressive and worth seeing sometime. The GF & Contemporary have amazing Gingerbread displays that are worth seeing as well.

If the Osborne lights come back in some form somewhere else, that would be a must do as well, but it appears those are retired at least for now unfortunately…


Useful (albeit dated) link:

Holidays Around the World is a must.


Its awesome there during the holidays. We were there last December and loved it. Like the others have said be sure to see the monorail resorts, but the decorations at YC/BC were awesome too…Don’t miss the AKL and WL lobbies…we spent half a day just touring all the decorations…WS in Epcot also is a lot of fun…seeing the different decorations from the various countries…and hearing the storytellers was a highlight…


If time allows, check out the decorations at as many hotels as possible. They are magnificent. Before or after Ohana, loop the monorail and checkout the Contemporary and Grand Floridian. When visting Sanaa check out the tree at Jambo house. Check out all the Boardwalk Area resorts, including the Swa-lphin when you visit Beaches and Cream. I would also recommend seeing the Wilderness lodge at a minimum.
Also yes, Flametree serves lunch year round
Christmastime is great time to be at WDW - ah heck, anytime is a great time to be at WDW -but Christmas time is extra special.
Have a great trip


When does Holidays Around the World start?

I think it started the day after Thanksgiving last year.

Cannot agree more! The WL lobby decorated for Christmas is a must-see.

I totally agree with this. We did this activity on Christmas Day last year, and it was hands down our most memorable Christmas ever. We had just moved cross country two days before and didn’t have presents for the kids due to no space in suitcases and everything else being in long term storage. It was crowded at the resort, but I’d do it again!!!

Agree 100%! We stay at WL every year around the holidays and it is breathtaking!

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Kind of echoing others, but GF, WL, and AKL are must-see resorts. Last year I did a “Magic Kingdom Resort tour” and put together this short photo-blog:

NOT my best photography, but it shows you what you can expect.


Thank you! Your trip looked awesome, cannot wait to experience Christmas Decorations!

We have stayed at WL for Christmas and the dec’s are amazing! We had a meet with Santa by the huge Christmas tree which your kids would love (he was very authentic) also I think they do Christmas sleigh rides at WL, I’m pretty sure I heard about this on liner chats…that would be special to do.
You can decorate your room too with a small tree and battery lights :grinning:

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Agree regarding the holiday decorations at the resorts. My kids favorites include the giant gingerbread house/shop in the GF, the “snow” on main street, and Santa Goofy in Hollywood Studios. My favorites were the castle lighting ceremony (cold air and snow!) and make sure to get a nice picture of it lit from a photographer on the bridge towards Fantasyland/Tomorrowland (The rope drop route to 7DMT). The castle was spectacular last year! The photographers will do some really great holiday themed magic shots as well.

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Just looked at those pics - LOVE them! I could almost smell the resorts at Christmas time while looking through the photos lol.

Nice photos, makes me want to see them.