First Trip During the Holidays-Live!

Today is the day!

We booked and planned this last minute, 4 night trip within the 30 day mark.

It’s me and DM. She hasn’t been to Disney since the 90s.

I have one park hopper genie plus day and the Christmas after hours party the next evening. DM is probably not doing the parks.

We got almost all of the reservations we wanted. Heads up to call if you want to eat at Bull and Bear. Open table said no available reservations but when I called and left a message, they called back and were able to book us at our desired time.

The plan:

-Evening flight tonight after working all day.
-DME and fingers crossed we are in our room by 12:30 am at the Grand Floridian. I did a TP room request fax to be in the big pine key building near the main building.

-Breakfast at GFC.
-One day car rental booked through Disney/Avis and we are returning the car same day. I was told I can just go to the front desk and request it.
-Visiting my grandfather.
-Drinks at Enchanted Rose.
-Monorail to Contemporary for fireworks at CG.
-Late reservation for CG.
-2nd round of fireworks at CG
-Monorail back

-7am ILL for Remy and FOP
-First genie plus for JC
-Rope drop MK with EE
-BTMR, Pirates, JC, maybe HM
-Sleepy hollow waffle and float at aloha
-Just having a leisurely morning. Spending time on Main Street.
-Lunch with DM at Boathouse
-Afternoon at AK.
-Everest and FOP.
-Relaxing vibe at AK
-Hop to Epcot Via bus or Uber to Beach club
-Might try to rush to Mexico for a margarita before fireworks
-Extended hours time in Epcot.
-FEA, SE,Seas, Soarin
Does anyone know if the aquarium area is open during this extended hours time?

Also, is it hard to Uber to BC if you don’t have a reservation and just want to use IG entrance?

-Breakfast at Topolinos
-Pool time at resort all afternoon
-Dinner at Bull and Bear
-After Hours party
Missing enchantment and I will probably arrive at the party at 9. Main plan is for fireworks, show, parade, snow on Main Street. Rides are secondary but I want to fit in the carousel, SDMT, HM, BTMR, People mover.

-Check out day
-Breakfast at Boma
-Disney springs or pool
-Early dinner, winging it.
-Late flight out.


As much as EE hours in Adventureland would be amazing, they are not offered. Just remember you have limited places you can go during EE. Exciting and fun trip!


Is EE is offered in Frontierland? I didn’t realize that, thank you.

Eh I see that it is not. EE might be for coffee then.

RD People mover lol not kidding though.

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You can still do PM and make your way towards fantasyland catching a few things along the way. Then be near the front of the crowds for HM and into all the Frontierland and Adventureland stuff. I think in that first hour you can do a lot there before the crowds come in.


A little bummed. I just got my room number and we are not in the building I requested. I asked for big pine for the location but we are in boca.

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The beds at the grand Floridian are horrible. The room is musty. We are seriously considering seeing if we can switch hotels.

What is Disneys policy if we are not happy with a hotel and want our money back for the remaining nights?

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I think it might depend on the CM you talk to. I’m sorry you don’t like your stay! I hope they can make it right for you.

We had this problem when we stayed at BWV this past sept. The room was very musty smelling, like someone left wet towels in the washing machine for days. We went to the front desk to politely request a new room, explaining the situation and ready to pull the allergy to mold card. But didn’t have to. They were able to give us a new room without problem and it was great. Almost like the lobby smell was pumped in.


I think you would be subject to usual cancellation policy, but I am hoping if you calmly and kindly explain to the hotel manager why the room is not satisfactory that they will either move your room or offer to change your hotel.


They very kindly switched our room to a different building. It has better ventilation near the marina. I don’t know about the beds until tonight. We are getting a rental car now. Running around.


I’m Glad they switched you and I hope you enjoy it more.


I hope the beds are ok. That’s so bad for such a ridiculously priced hotel.


The price is insane. I only did it because I thought for sure my mom would be happy. I wanted everything to be perfect. The new room definitely has better ventilation. The balcony is much larger.
We are on the marina.
This day was more about seeing my grandfather than Disney. We are back in the room relaxing until fireworks and California grill.

Cinderella’s carriage went by during breakfast at GFC. Chicken and waffles were yum.


I decided to draw myself a bath. It’s been ages since I had a bath. I think I will pick up a bath bomb tonight and use it later in the trip. The body wash suds up nice in a pinch for bubbles.

I’m heading to get a drink at enchanted rose soon while DM naps.


I’m trying yak and yeti for the first time. I finally got a reservation. What is the must try dish?


I enjoyed the duck myself.


Everything is excellent there. Burger, ribs, steak, shrimp, honey chicken :yum:

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