First trip back planning

So I decided to re-join this group, I was signed up two years ago and had an epic trip planned for me and my wife for our honeymoon. Everything including our wedding got canceled due to Covid. Obviously a lot has changed since 2020. We have a newborn so we’re not gonna be able to go back for our honeymoon until the babies old enough to stay with our parents. Anyone else tentatively planning a trip for 2024? Just curious what everyone’s take is on the current state of the parks and what we think it’s going to be in a couple years


2024 is probably an ideal idea, if you can wait that long :joy: I can not. But the anniversaries are over with for the most part. The hype on the new rides yet to open will have had some time to die down (a bit). Food options should he back to pre-pandemic normal, incl. character dining and dinner shows :pray:, hours and staffing should be back to regular.


That’s our thoughts exactly. From day one of canceling me and my wife always had the attitude that we are either going to go back when things are normal or we are at used to the “new normal”

We had an awesome trip planned out. Halloween party tickets, beach club resort, park hopper, pretty much everything we want to do. We plan on going about it the same way with the exception of not doing the dining plan even if it comes back. We found last time that we did the dining plan we were forcing ourselves to stuff our faces full of snacks and choking down dessert that we didn’t really want.

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I’m with you, on planning for a trip much further out than most. We don’t go that often, and can afford to wait (and keep waiting). Like you, we’re waiting for things to (hopefully!) get back to much more like the “before times.” I want to wait until WDW is over the hump of crowds for the revenge travel, the 50th, and the new rides (including Tron). Plus this will give the whole Genie mess more time to settle out to something people can deal with (or learn to work around with great touring plans!). Unlike you, we were lucky to have had fairly recent trips, 3 times in July/Sept/Dec 2019 when we had AP as a “year of Disney” that got cut short by Covid.

It’s great you are back now, so far ahead of your trip. It takes a while to get up to speed on what’s what nowadays at WDW. You can keep an eye on new changes and have a better ability to adapt to them.


I actually called Disney the other day just to check pricing to see how far off I was from budget. Just talking to him on the phone restart me wanting to join this group. I like to be prepared so keeping up on all the changes over the next couple years will help plan a perfect trip. I’m not saying money is no object but we’ve been through so much with Covid canceling two planned weddings and a honeymoon we deserve it. One thing I will be checking in on is the value of certain things like park hopping. I’m not sure I really see the benefit in it as of now not being able to book two parks in the same day ahead of time

You only book the first park ahead of time (APR), which is a royal pain if you want to stay flexible (you can cancel and rebook a different IF there’s availability). You MUST tap in to your APR park before you can hop to any other. You cannot enter the second park until 2:00 pm. You do not book the parks you want to hop to (thankfully!). There have been no capacity limits on entering that hopped-to park except for Oct. 1 for a few hours (MK on the day of their 50th).

ETA: Park hopping can have its benefits. But that a whole 'nother story.