First trip! All was smooth planning until fast passes. Help please!

It’s our first trip in coming February 4-9, and I thought I was planning so well, until it was time to get fast passes.

I woke up early at the 60 day Mark and tried to get what touring plans recommended and I could only get a few. I’ve been trying to modify to get better times/different attractions with no luck.

My MK Days I have fast passes that touringplans says I shouldn’t use. What should I do?

What fast passes did you get? I always just get them for the attractions I would not want to miss.

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My day I’m having trouble with we ended up with Enchanted tales with Belle at 9 and 7dmt at 12:15. I’m happy with the 7dmt. Really it’s belle and my third fast pass I don’t know what to do.

I don’t think belle would need a fastpass at 9 (especially because we have a CRT prepped ADR.) Traveling with a 5yo, almost 3, and a granny so trying to make everyone happy.

What about Peter Pan? What are your priorities?

That’s my problem I suppose. I don’t know what my priority is. It’s our second MK day of our trip, and I have Peter Pan planned for a rope drop ride on our first day then off to 7dmt with some wait. M

I thought maybe slash mountain as we don’t hit they our first day and the LO can play at Tom Sawyer but then we’d likely end up back in fantasy land.

I don’t know why this second MK day is so confusing for me. Our first day we arrive after a red eye so I only have a half day planned. But our half day checks off a lot of “have-tos”.

Will you rider swap splash? Do you have Big Thunder? You could rope drop splash and go to Enchanted Tales closer to 10?

We have big thunder on our first day with a fpp because it was my son’s favorite at Disneyland. I don’t think we would swap splash. My son is an adventure junkie and I think he’d enjoy it once and done.

Granny has a fused neck so a lot of things LO can’t go on she can’t either (with a few exceptions like Soarin and ToT we will child swap for sure.)

Thank you so much for your help and helpful questions!!

Give Jungle Cruse a try. Good for all.

There’s a lot of helpful advice available here, which I assume you realise already :grinning:

If you publish your plan we might be able to make some further suggestions about what to do next.

There are my two MK days. The one with CRT is our second day. Our first day is shorter because of the red eye.

It looks like you have several repeated attractions. Are you interested in trying anything else? My 3yo loved Voyage of the Little Mermaid, the Teacups, meet and greets, Mickey’s Philharmagic.

The other thing to remember is that you’re going at a pretty low crowd time, so even without fastpasses you should be able to do what you want with a good plan.

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You seem to be walking from one side of the park to the other. I often do this but it will be a lot of walking.

Most of the things I’ve left off are things we did at Disneyland and weren’t big hits with the kiddos. I avoided most shows as my kids just aren’t show kids (despite my best efforts!!) I do need to add a few meet and greets! I was relying on CRT and a Tusker House breakfast I’m covering most of our characters with meals but it would be smart to add some.

I noticed a lot of back tracking too… the software seemed to want me to do that. I did optimize multiple times so I’m not sure what the logic is there.

I tried to pick a low crowd time as our Disneyland trip last year was somewhat awful in that regards.

Ok! Added a princess meet and greet and now my fast pass with belle is being used! Yay for small victories. Thank you everyone for your insight.

I set my plans to “minimize walking” and set our walking speed (with all my kids in tow) to “relaxed.”

I have also rearranged the order of attractions to minimize walking and then used evaluate to see if it throws off my wait times or not. I make a copy first so that I can use the original if needed.
Also maybe consider the parade?
We enjoyed eating at BOG and then going to ETWB. Or maybe even snack at Gastons tavern.
I felt like when we paired a few of the themed attractions together it really added to the immersion experience.
Don’t miss the Repunzel bathrooms if you need a rest stop (left of Its a small world!)

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Thank you for mentioning the parade!! I thought I had that scheduled. (I know I did at one point because I really want to see the parade! I must have forgotten to save my plan late one night.)

I’m so glad I posted! You all are catching things I can’t see because I’ve been staring at this so long. Hahaha!

What about something like this? A 16 minute wait for Winnie the Pooh isn’t bad with the interactive queue. You could try for a 4th Fast Pass for big thunder Mountain. We were there the same week last year and had no problem getting 4th, 5th, & 6th fast passes.

The Rapunzel bathroom area also is a great stop to recharge phones!

My 4yo son loves Tomorrowland Speedway and the Peoplemover. Will you be doing those? We do 2 MK days and generally split the lands (e.g., Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Liberty Square on day 1; Frontierland, Adventureland, Main Street on day 2) with a few repeat attractions that I know we have to do both days (Peter Pan, Buzz, Tomorrowland Speedway). Would your kids like Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom or A Pirate’s Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas? These were good ways to spend time when the crowds got busy during the middle of the day. And we got fastpasses for Pirates of the Caribbean after completing 2 rounds of A Pirate’s Adventure so I didn’t worry about wait times for that attraction.