First trip, adults only! Questions re: touring changes and coffee :)

My husband and I are taking our first trip to Universal next week and I have questions! I’m planning on using the 2 Day 2 park Plan with Early Entry.

First I must have my morning coffee! We are staying at Endless Summer, and I was hoping I could stop at Starbucks first thing in the morning and bring my drink with me as we head to the park. So my questions are, am I allowed to bring coffee #1 on the shuttle bus, and #2 into the park with me?

To continue the shuttle question, if I’m reading correctly the buses start running one hour before park opening. Does this take early entry into account? I believe we have EE at IOA only, beginning at 8:00. So will the buses start at 7:00?

Since we are UOR newbies, I want to follow the touring plans. However, there are things we will want to skip like water rides (I do NOT like getting wet) and kiddie rides. Will skipping things mess up the plan, meaning put us somewhere at an inopportune time? We WILL have Express Passes.

Oh and a specific IOA question…if I’m reading the 2 Park/2 Day plan correctly, it has us getting several rides on Hagrids. First on Day 1, part 2, by checking for Virtual Line recommendations that morning and getting a return time around sunset, which I am assuming is used when Hagrids shows up as #13 on the plan. Next, it is the first ride we will head to following the plan on Day 2 with EE, but it also instructs to schedule a virtual line reservation for it with a return time around midday–but I don’t see it again as a line item on the plan anywhere? Do you just squeeze it in wherever you can schedule a time before heading to USF for the latter part of the plan? And with a potential 3 rides on Hagrids, is it still best to do this as #1 on Day 2 instead of Velocicoaster (which is #2 on the plan?)

Looking forward to our trip and I appreciate any advice!

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Yes, Yes

I think by 7:00 at the latest.

Since you have Express Pass, the plan will mainly be like an attraction checklist. Order is not as important. You may want to use the “minimize walking” option. Just delete the attractions you don’t want to do.

I recommend going here: Universal Studios Florida Attractions and here: Universal's Islands of Adventure Attractions and then sort by clicking on your age category. It will display the highest rated attractions from top to bottom for your age group. This will help decide whether or not to do some too.

Nope, don’t worry about that with EP. Just remember Hagrid’s and Velocicoaster do not use EP, so there could be a good wait.

This is not a thing anymore. It’s not in use.

That’s correct. When you rope drop, Hagrid’s first then VC. It is very important though to be among the first groups into the park. If you find yourself running late and/or being at the back of the early crowd, you will be better off waiting til afternoon or evening for Hagrid’s. (The longest waits of the day are from approx 8:30am-9:30am)


Thanks so much bebe80!!

I’ve recently seen topics here mentioning that the Virtual Lines are not being used. If that is the case it definitely cuts down the number of Hagrid rides. Virtual Lines are still linked to the ride info page on the Universal website at the moment though, is their site out of date?


Not sure why the site is still displaying that info :thinking: Seth Kubersky did report that VL is gone for good.


Make sure to factor in a few extra minutes for Starbucks in the AM as that line will be LOOOOOONG.


Just want to add that everything that @bebe80 said is 100% accurate! Hope you have fun! Wear SUNBLOCK!!! :hot_face: :sunglasses: :wink: :laughing:


I questioned Touring Plans about the current Virtual Line status. David has removed the displayed VL option from the few attractions on the personalized touring plans. Now it won’t be confusing.


Oh thank you! I wonder if they do mobile orders?

I think @Qwerty should know this?

I stay at Dockside on all my trips. I’m pretty sure, almost 100%, Starbucks doesn’t have mobile orders there. I’ve never seen a “pick-up” window / area.

I did look at the Universal app to double-check and it’s not an option there.

Which part?

Oh. Starbucks. I didn’t mobile order. I walked up around 2PM. I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful.

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Yes, Starbucks.

Starbucks at Portofino does not have mobile order either.

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I would recommend splitting up, so one of you can hit the Citywalk Starbucks and the other can be at the turnstiles. You definitely want to be in the first group into the park.