First TP...critique/advice?

(Disclaimer: I’ve never been to DW and this is my first time using TP so I basically have no idea what I’m doing)

I’ve been fiddling with my TP and after hitting “evaluate” this is what the site is spitting out at me:

This is for December 1st, walking speed average and minimizing waiting. We’re two healthy adults, no kids. We’ll be there at rope drop. I haven’t decided what to do for meals yet, but does this seem feasible? Was Peter Pan a good use of FP+? We’ll also have a second day at MK (where I plan to do at least Enchanted Tales with Belle); is there anything on this list I should definitely, absolutely move to the second day to make life easier?

Also, why is it sending us to Winnie the Pooh first instead of 7DMT?

Hey, Ride. It doesn’t seem your plan is public so it cannot be viewed through the link.

Durr! Totally new here…how do I make it public?

edit: I think I found it, thanks for letting me know!

Go to “Edit” at the top of your plan then in the window go down to “Publish this Plan?”. Then others should be able to use the URL.

Perhaps if you go to 7D you’ll have a wait there AND then a longer wait at Pooh, whereas you may cut some wait time if you go to Pooh but your wait at 7D may not be that much different?

I think that all looks pretty reasonable though. Especially with a crowd level 1?!?!?! Is there such thing anymore?? Even if it’s not a 1 it’s apparently a low crowd day. I think you’ve got a good plan here. You should maybe see about getting PP for 0945 (you can use til 1045) and then a BTMRR for 1045 to cut that wait too. Perhaps consider one for HM after your rest :slight_smile:

I think that what you want to do is click on Optimize rather than Evaluate. Optimize finds the best order for you to do the attractions you have selected, whereas Evaluate just takes them in the order you entered them and figures out how long the plan will take.

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ah, thank you! I wasn’t clear on what the difference was between optimize/evaluate. I’m still learning about fpp so I’m not even clear on what attractions can be selected together (I know there’s tiers but that’s about it…so new lol).