First timer's split stay

We are going in mid-August for a total of 8 nights and have booked a split stay- 4 nights YC and 4 nights WL. I am thinking of adding yet another resort. The new plan would be 4 nights YC, 2 nights AKL and 2 nights WL. Would that be too chaotic, especially since it is our first visit? If we did 3 resorts, we would definitely visit the parks that are closest to each resort on the days we are staying nearby.

Yes, this would be chaotic. I like split stays, but no more than 2 resorts in that time frame. It takes a lot longer than you think to repack and get settled in your new room. Plus in order to really experience those resorts you would need 4 nights at each. So a 12 night trip with 3 resorts, or an 8 night trip with 2 resorts is all I would attempt.

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I love, love , love split stays and usually anything that would get you to AKL ( which I personally prefer to WL) would be a -yes- for me, but NO! I have done a number of two nights stay. You will get to WL. You will be there one night and you will wake up to find that DME envelope on your door! The horror of that happening after just one night is indescribable.

Thanks for the responses. I think I just needed someone to talk me off the ledge. I am really drawn to AKL, especially the veg dining options. For a first trip though, it seems a bit too remote. Not terribly excited about the YC theming but figure the pool and location make up for it.

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Yacht Club was the last BW resort I stayed in. I too was not crazy about the theming but I stayed there a couple of weeks ago and I must say it is now my favorite BW area resort. AKL is my all time favorite but I will admit YC is a very, very close second. You will love it!

I really want to comment on AKL being too remote. I just disagree. The busses are dedicated and very abundant. Also it’s really not far. From what I understand with the exception on MK, it is much more convenient time wise than WL. I have to say it is my all time favorite resort.

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I have read about the dedicated buses, so I decided to ask my older son if he would prefer WL or AKL. He chose WL. I think he really wants to ride the boat from resort to MK. Hopefully we will return again and then try out different resorts.

The boat ride to MK is really fast! I did time the ride from AKL to MK. It was exactly 15 minutes the three times I timed it two weeks ago.