First Timers - Please Help Choose Parks for March 25-28 (Spring Break)

Hi! I could use some advice about visiting Disney during Spring Break from March 28-31. We have Park-to-Park tickets for all days, and we’re staying at AoA. But we won’t be able to do early a.m. hours on 3/28 since we’re coming from another hotel. This is our kids’ 1st time at WDW (DD5 & DD8), so we want to hit the best kiddie attractions. (I haven’t been to WDW in over 25 years, so I’m new at this, too!)

How does this plan sound? Would you make any changes?
Sat. 3/28 - MK (FP+ to meet Cinderella/Rapunzel, Belle, & Ariel - but should we switch out some for rides?)
Sun. 3/29 - EE a.m. at MK, then go to HS or AK - should we do a.m. FP+ at MK?
Mon. 3/30 - Maybe sleep in a little & go to Epcot w/ FP+
Tues. 3/31 - EE a.m. at MK w/ FP+, then go to HS or AK (whichever we don’t do on Sunday)

I’m thinking about a.m. FP+ so we can do extra FP+s one at a time afterwards. But then we wouldn’t have reserved seats for the parades or light shows…

I had no idea planning would be this complicated! I’d appreciate any advice: Which days to visit the parks? Which parks/times to get FP+ for?


I think your park choices look fine. I don’t know that you need FPP for the princesses unless it is Anna & Elsa. I would switch one or two of those to rides. For your split park days on 3/29 & 3/31, if you will make Rope Drop (be thru the bag check and in line at the turnstiles at least 15 minutes before park opening), I would save the FPP for the second park, especially for HS. That way you know you have them for the most popular rides. You can do a lot of touring with low lines at Rope Drop. MK is the only park with parades, so if you want to FPP those, either switch one of your half day MKs to the afternoon or use one of your FPP for that on 3/28. Or you can just be prepared to stake out a spot along the parade route about 45 minutes before the parade starts. If your HS day has 2 showings of Fantasmic, and the kids can stay up long enough for it, go to the second show as it is less crowded.


Thank you so much! I really, really appreciate your advice.

Any time. Don’t stress. It’s your first trip, you won’t be able to do everything, just remember to not get too caught up and take time to just enjoy making memories with your family. =)


I would still plan on hitting RD at EP on the 30th - because it is a 9:00 park opening it will seem like you are “sleeping in” compared to your other days.

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