First timers at Christmas

Thank you for the comments - im rethinking our plans so will update shortly

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Just looked at your plan for December 26. Have you realized that several things on your plan are scheduled for AFTER the park closes so they are impossible to do? You also don’t have any breaks in the day. Will your kids last all day without naps from early morning until late at night? Just glancing over the plans, many of them are very ambitious.

Thank you for taking a look. We don’t plan on riding any of the star wars rides just walking by them before the dessert party.

We will probably never come back so ive tried to squeeze things in but there are things we can drop in each plan and apart from the first MK day we would be happy with just our FP rides. The little ones are quite good at sleeping in the strollers but I know how hard this will be and I think I have to accept that each one of them will miss part of the day as they wont all fall asleep at the same time. I did consider booking a FP for FEA instead of test track though as I thought at least one of them may fall asleep during the dessert party so wouldn’t be able to go on the ride afterwards.

Buzz usually hangs around outside Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. There’s a small stage/set thingy there.