First Timers and we only have a day and a half! HELP

Awesome!!! I will take that in check form if you don’t mind. :laughing: Seriously though, glad it all worked for you!

As for the tickets at the gate, I just don’t know what to advise you with. That is a decent savings by waiting, but you may get stuck at the ticket booths which takes away time from the park, thereby negating the monetary savings (time is money for me).

Oh wait, the $1202 is before tax, I would probably just buy them ahead of time. If that was the price with tax, I might be convinced to buy at the gate.


@Wahoohokie yeah I figured with tax our savings will MAYBE be $100. I may just buy them to know we have them and not have to worry about it.

I’ll take any more tips you have.
Like do we go ahead and buy the Christmas buffet dinner for good seating? Are there any good discounts or perks to being an annual pass holder that I should take advantage of?

Again- Thanks for all of your help. You have been a godsend in our very tight budget trip for one last hoorah with my husband.



I thought you had to have an annual pass before you could book a hotel with annual pass discount. We have a trip in December and I have tics from undercover tourist I was gonna upgrade when I get to park because we will be going again within the year. However I thought at check in I would need to already be an annual pass member which is not possible.

I was able to book without the pass. It says must be presented at check in however in this forum in other places, the hotels have been allowing check in if you need to upgrade when you get there or you need to pick it up at the ticket window (which is my case- i have my receipt email showing I purchased the pass- i just have to pick it up when I get there!)

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Thanks…yes I would have to upgrade when I get there because I already purchased just regular tickets.

Nope, you can book hotels at Universal under the pass discount without actually having the pass yet. Sometimes they have asked to see it at check in, other times they never ask. If they do wish to see it, you will need to head to the ticket booths and upgrade your ticket, then head back to the resort to check in. They have only asked me once, at Portofino this year, but not at Royal Pacific, Hard Rock, Sapphire Falls, or the other time we stayed at Portofino.

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How much is the buffet? What seating does it provide you?

Food and merchandise credits for the most part. I haven’t really used it for any other things besides that and the hotel discounts.

The buffet is
The seating is *exclusive viewing areas” for the Universal’s holiday parade
Includes exclusive access to cafe la bam a for all you can eat food, desserts, sparkling wine, and non alcoholic drinks.
Would set me back another $394.02 including tax for my family of 6.

That seems really expensive just for parade viewing, but we have never been during Christmas so maybe the viewing area is needed in those crowds.

That was my situation and I had no hassles. I don’t think they even asked to see my annual pass receipt, but they may have known since I booked through their site that I had it.