First timer trip report day 4

Today was pretty good after the rain threw us off yesterday, even though we had a couple of hurdles today as well. But what a beautiful day.
Kids wanted crepes for breakfast and we knew France had breakfast. First FP was PP in MK 9:50-10:50. Walked over to France about 9:35 to discover the crepe stand doesn’t open til 11. Didn’t want anything in their bakery. Started walking towards front of Epcot to catch monorail to MK. Was able to stop at a Joffrey’s for a couple pastries.
Got to the monorail and it didn’t leave for a while “due to a traffic delay”. I kept looking at the time, knowing we needed to be at PP by 11. Well, we got to TTC and saw a huge line for the MK monorail. It made sense but I didn’t anticipate it. (We had a 2pm ADR at beaches & cream, and I anticipated using a Minnie van to make it there in time if needed.). I should have gotten a Minnie van back at Epcot, and I felt silly doing it, but I called one just from TTC to MK so we didn’t lose our PP FP. Long story short (?), we made it with about 5min to spare.
Next was space mountain at 11-12. We headed there after another snack stop at Gaston’s. Finished about 11:30. Next fp was splash at 12:20. Had hoped to squeeze in jungle cruise but it kind of slipped away as the wait times increased and we wanted to be done with time to spare for our lunch. So we stopped for a few pics on the way and hesded to splash. Got there at 12:13, waiting for our 5min early window to start at 12:15. And then almost immediately, the ride was down. (We had space go down right before our FP Sunday night, and then the whole thing with TT and rain yesterday. I knew we’d get a multipass shortly so I was trying to think through our best options. Our original plan was leave for lunch at beaches & cream and maybe not come back to MK even though it was part of our original plan. Kids really wanted splash though. It was 12:30. I figured we could be back by 3:30 ish after lunch if needed. So since I was now eligible for a 3rd, I grabbed jungle cruise at 4:20 and we decided we’d come back once splash was up.
Since we had time, we just took the bus back to BW and took a short break before taking the boat over to beach club.
Had a fun time at beaches and cream. It wasn’t even as packed as I expected. Always an empty table or 2. We had lunch and then dessert, and splash was up again.
We took the bus from Beach club and went back to MK. Went straight to splash and then it was time for our jungle cruise fp. Much better than standby. As soon as we tapped in, I was able to grab rock n roll coaster for 8:10.
We’d had enough of MK by then, and my oldest really wanted dinner at Nine Dragons in Epcot, even though we had the big lunch. Got an ADR for 6:45 and headed back to clean up and rest. We took the bus back to BW.
Transportation note, the bus rides aren’t bad, especially at non peak times. It’s just the roulette of never knowing if you just missed one or not.
Most of us just got appetizers for dinner other than DS17 who is always hungry.
Then we walked back to IG and grabbed a boat to HS. We got there a little after 8 and went to the coaster. We used the fp but there was no line. Originally planned to do it once and then get it line for tower before closing. Instead, we went on coaster 2 more times and walked right on.
Exited park just after 9, not interested in fireworks, and got a boat back to BW.
Tomorrow is animal kingdom, FOP FPP, and lunch at tusker house.
May get back for more RnRC and/or test track in the late evening if possible.
Side note, we do love MK, but the larger crowds there compared to the other parks are much more noticeable. We’ve done a little less than planned each time, as my kids would really rather do less rides if standby, and that’s been fine with me too.


Great report. Enjoy reading it. Was a little rocky to start but you improvised well. 3 parks, I’m jealous.