First timer touring plan?

i’m 45 days out, now making my tp…is it really as easy as plugging in what we want to see, then hitting optimize? what is the secret to getting the best tp? especially in magic kingdom, where our crowd level has gown up for our trip…

Pretty much - you can get into all sorts of detail, but for a first timer I would stick with that approach. If you have your FPPs already booked then make sure to enter them and select the box that forces the app to use them.

You’ll probably have some tweaking to do, but you’re on the right track. You’ll see. I laughed at myself for thinking about plotting points on a map before I tried TP. It is easily worth every penny to buy the full subscription - even though you can probably find a discount without searching too hard.

TP should offer or sell some cheap pin if they don’t already. It’d be fun to give another liner a fistbump or something silly when spotted in the parks.

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My only advice for first-timers using a TP is to set the walking pace to more relaxed. You can’t cram as much in to your day, but I found the relaxed setting much more closely matched my family of 6’s pace through the parks.

There is TP merch available somewhere on line - can’t remember where at the moment. Hopefully someone can jump in with the link.

Just remembered where:

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