First Timer to Cruises

This is my first time posting about Disney Cruise Line, I’ve never been and i’ve only spent like 30 minutes looking into it. Just trying to show how new I am to it all :slight_smile: Are there any travel agencies that can help get a flight with the cruise for cheaper than I would get them if i did it myself? thank you!

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Try Magical Vacations Travel. They have some very good discount on resorts at WDW. I know they also book Disney Cruises but am unsure on any discounts here. Only way to find out is to ask for a quote or visit their internet site (, and choose an agent. I use Darcy but there are several and some specialize on different things and places. As far as flights go I am sure they will book them as well but you can usually save by booking them yourself. Flight prices change by the hour and a travel company usually books your flight at the same time they make your other reservation which is not always the best price. If you watch airline prices you can usually get a better deal.

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There is a spreadsheet of travel agents here


Thank you!

Thanks will contact some of them!

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