First timer report day 2

Didn’t get out as fast as we anticipated. We had FPP for 7DMT at 10, BTMRR at 11:30, splash mountain at 12:50, with a lunch at BOG at 12:25. Since we were running late, I splurged on a Minnie van to get us to MK instead of bus from BW. very impressive.
Worked our way back to 7DMT and used our first FP about 10:20. It was very hot today, at least for us. Stopped at the people mover and headed over for BTMRR. then got a dole whip and doubled back to carousel of process for some a/c and sitting before lunch. Loved lunch. Then did splash mountain and decided it was time for pool and rest and we’d come back later. I grabbed a fast pass for space mountain for 8:05 since it didn’t work out yesterday.
Extended rest time at hotel. Then we got moving about 7, grabbed quick service in world showcase (I had the fish and chips which were great, others had sushi or nachos). Took the monorail over to MK, and this all took til 8:30ish. I was worried about making space mtn before 9:05, but we did by a few minutes. And just like last night when we walked on dwarfs during fireworks, space mtn had no line either. We used our pass and then got right back on again standby. While we were getting on, I grabbed another fp for BTMRR for 9:45. By ride 2 on space, we went straight to that. I got another for Aladdin then. We finished there just after 10, and called it a night. I barely looked at a TP today, our plan was probably too ambitious and we just did what we could. Tomorrow is epcot, more MK Wednesday, AK Thursday and at least part of Friday


Sounds fun! But a lot of walking! How do you like the pool at BW? Hope the rest of the week is fun!

We’re fine with walking. We like boardwalk. I think the pool gets a bad rap. There’s nothing wrong it other than yes, its not beach club, and if clowns don’t bother you.

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It is good to hear not everyone is afraid of homicidal clowns. They get such a bad rap in today’s society… :clown_face:

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Great little report and you got a bunch of stuff done while being able to relax as well. You made me look a the CL reports to see how you were able to get those same day fast passes for Space & BTMR so easily - very jealous! My family is going the 1st week in June with Crowd levels in the 7-8 range and I just can’t take the chance to get those 4th and 5th FPs for rides like Space Mountain.

We lucked into our spring break being later than most. If not, we’d have been screwed. Really didn’t plan for it. What I have discovered is my kids would prefer to do less rides, and just what we can get FP for. As we are currently in a long line for NRJ.
If we come back, I will plan more for crowd level vs our school calendar.