First timer report day 1

We got to Boardwalk yesterday, went swimming, then headed out. First by lyft to the nearby outlets for the Disney character warehouse. Got a few cheap t shirts and souvenir gifts, but not that impressed. Then by uber to Disney springs for dinner at D-Luxe burger. We made it inside just as the skies opened up. DS was packed on a Saturday night. We got a few things at world of Disney and headed back for the night. Had to wait quite a while for a bus to Boardwalk. Must have just missed one. Still acclimating from a 3 hour time change.

Today, up by 7, impressive with teenagers. Out by 7:45ish. Walked to HS. Got in a little after 8, with EMH. The boat left BW about the same time as us, but with its stops, we slightly beat it there. Have later FPP for TSMM, TofT, and star tours. Went straight to coaster. App said 10 minutes. Sign said 25. It was probably 15-20. Great ride. Then next door to tower without FPP this time. Almost walked right on. Both done by 9 when the park opened for everyone. Then to Star tours standby. 10-15min tops. Then stopped for churros and over to TSMM with FPP at 10:30ish. After that I did Walt Disney presents while kids waited outside and wanted nothing to do with it LOL. Stopped for a couple of photopass spots and headed back to the tower for our 11:40 FPP. We still had one for Star tours again at 12:55 with a 1:45 ADR at 50s cafe. Worried about keeping my kids interest, they like rides and more rides. While in line, was able to move up my ADR to 12:15. Went straight after Tower. Wife and i loved the theming. 2 milk shakes, a kids meal, an appetizer, and 2 entrees was $95 with tip. Just amazing really. But a fun experience. Did our second trip to Star tours, this time with FPP. Then exited and took the boat back. Resting up before dinner at via Napoli then magic kingdom for the evening. Was able to get a space mountain FPP for 9:50. There were lots of earlier times for other rides, but figured one for space mountain would save us the most time in the end.

Overall, not impressed with HS. loved the major rides, but once we did those, we were fine headed out. RnR was one of the best rides I’ve ever been on. Hope to get on it once more before we leave Friday, even though we don’t have much more HS time planned. But it’s close enough to hop over if the opportunity arises.


Great start! I tend to plan HS a few times every trip because I love a RnR, ToT and STs. It is a beautiful park at night too. I never stay very long, but I love the park. Have a great time tonight!

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are you coming from Cali? I am worried about the time change so much!! how are you handling it? we will be first timers in exactly a week from today!!

We came from Seattle. Flew Friday and got in very late. Stayed by the airport. Got up and went back to airport to take DME. Tried to get to bed at a decent hour and were able to get moving early today.

2nd half update. Walked over to Epcot, so easy. Got ideas for some quick service we’ll eat there later this week. Loved via Napoli. Much better value than 50s cafe. Then headed for MK via monorail. Slight wait for pirates. 15min? Then ahead of schedule for haunted mansion and small world. Went to gastons for cinnamon Rolls and they gave us a couple of turkey legs for free. During fireworks, we literally walked on 7DMT. we have a fast pass tomorrow too. It was fun enough, kids liked it, but can’t see waiting 2 hours for it. Well, the space mountain plan didn’t work out. It went down a few minutes before we would go there. Had a choice to use it on something else but they said they thought it would come back. So we headed over to Buzz Lightyear. Quite disappointing. It stopped once it had barely started for several minutes. It was quite the letdown compared to DL. Then back to space, which was down for the night. So we headed out at 10:30. Only had to wait 2 minutes for a bus this time, so that was good. Aside with the problems with Buzz and space, I was really impressed with MK vs DL. Overall, I still probably am, but looking forward to seeing more in daylight tomorrow.


Enjoying your updates! Keep 'em coming! :slight_smile:

Surprised to hear 7D walk-on at fireworks time! We’ve never missed fireworks when in park, but due to location of stay (Poly!) this time, we are going to see them in park once and from beach at least twice, so will use one evening to ride while fireworks show. Will see what 7D looks like at that time, consider riding! :slight_smile:

I’ll have a better report later, but 3 travel days in, it’s caught up a bit with us. Today is just a MK day. Hoped to leave hotel 8:30ish. It’s 9:10 and we’re not close to ready. But at least all 5 are awake. We’ll scale back some of the am plans we had for before our FPP kick in, starting at 10 and 11 with 7DMT and BTMRR. I told the family as long as we are on 7DMT by 11, we’ll be okay. Anything else is bonus.

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WDW vacations are NOT restful LOL. Glad you are taking cues from your clan and adapting to the needs of the group. It will be a better day and better trip for it!

We try to alternate late nights with late starts and we work in a full day and evening off as well as an extra slow and easy evening. Keeps us all happy!

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It’s always what we’ve done at DL since they were little. It would have been nice to get a few more rides done in the am, but based on last night, I think we’ll be okay. We won’t be doing Buzz lightyear multiple times as originally planned, like we do at DL, LOL

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