First Timer Question

Do we need to swipe our park card for entry and for Memory Manager photos or is it just scanned. I am trying to figure out how to carry it. I want to just use a lanyard but don’t want to have to keep taking out my card. With the magic bands, I assume the cards are just scanned and do not need to be swiped in a machine.

May seen like a silly question but . . .


If you have a magic band and your tickets are linked in MDE there is no need to have your tickets or anything for photos. Photographers scan your MB and ride photos link automaticaly.

At this time we are not planning on having magic bands. We will just have the tickets.

If you are off property and do not have a magic band then you will need to scan your card. You will also not have access to ride videos.

Definitely scan-no swiping required!